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pro-views is excited to announce the 2016 Tech Expert Pro-Views! Since the turn of the year our team have been reaching out to the best technology experts across the world to gain their valuable insights. The reviews intend to be an every growing source of information that can one day end up being a time capsule. Some of the greatest tech enthusiasts, journalists and IT professors all came together to share their opinion on what the future might hold!

We asked a technology editor Francesca Peak how she thought the future of tech affected journalism on a global level. She came back with:

“Technology and the internet has changed journalism irrevocably, presenting new challenges and opportunities.”

We also asked Martin Stanford (TV Journalist) how technology has affected media globally and his initial response was:

“The short answer is total and utter disruption!”

We’ve challenged the individuals to come up with the most compelling arguments for how technology has affected a number of different industries. For example emerging industries like virtual reality will take their hold on modern consumer behaviours over coming times.

Please feel free to indulge – the interviews will be updated regularly throughout the year

The Topics the industry experts discussed 

(click on any one of the below to take you through to the expert opinions!)

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took part and taking time out of their lives to contribute to this initiative.

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