Highly Effective Content Marketing Tools to Build Your Blogging Business

Hey Pro-Readers, you are special! Because you have chosen to know the content marketing tools that I recommend.

Before I start, I must reveal a secret truth that I have avoided sharing with you. Your favorite blog – TechReviewPro.com was launched on 1st of Oct, 2014 and after struggling for first 89 days without making money, I have been consistently earning money from this blog since I earned my first blogging income on the 90th day.

Unlike many other blogs, {which were launched just for fun or sharing knowledge with the world and later turned into business blog} I launched TechReviewPro to experiment lessons that I was learning in the field of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. But now, TechReviewPro is a business blog, and it is consistently making money for me. {Oh shit! I revealed the secret truth}

Though the quick success of TechReviewPro is still a mystery to many of my friends but to be very frank with you, it became possible only because I was strategic about every ins and outs.

From selecting domain registrar and reliable web-hosting company to the selection of powerful CMS {Content Management System,} like WordPress.org and blog-design then developing my own content strategy with proper keywords research followed by social promotion and email-marketing as well as every thing else – I had an appropriate strategy for all these.

After running uncountable numerous experiments and research of what works and what doesn’t in making a successful business blog, one thing I know best is:

“You need to invest your time, money and energy in productive things. With huge uncertainty of success threatening you and internet being great place of distraction – you need to be strategic about (almost) everything to be productive to achieve success.

Of course, you need right blogging and content marketing tools to go ahead and keep rocking.” – Rahul Dubey

But the problem with many new bloggers is that they don’t know the importance of selection of right tools, and hence they end up wasting time, money and energy after selecting wrong tools.

Many newbie blogger friends have asked me multiple times regarding the blogging tools I use. So to put this discussion to an end, I decided to write a list of all the excellent tools that I use or have used earlier. As I currently use these tools, so I know these are highly effective blogging tools that will take your blog to the next level.

Here I have also listed some tools that I don’t use on this blog, but I use them on my other blogs. For example, I’m using Thesis theme framework on TechReviewPro which is an amazing theme framework and makes designing a great website easy without the need of learning to code. However, since I’m using Genesis theme framework on my other blogs, so I know Genesis theme framework is equally powerful theme framework to design attractive websites quickly.

Similarly, earlier I was using Google Keyword Planner for Keyword research, but later I started using SEMrush and have seen amazing growth in search traffic of all of my blogs, so I’m more likely to recommend you both these tools because I know Google Keyword Planner is also very effective.

So keeping every aspect for your blog growth and increase your blog traffic, I’m sharing my blogging and content marketing toolbox below. I have listed only those tools which will help your blog grow quickly and will keep you productive enough to build your blogging business soon!

Disclaimer : Some of these contain my affiliate links which means if you buy using the link, I may get a small commission from these companies but that doesn’t mean I would recommend any average product – I recommend products based on its merit only. [Check Disclosure Policy]

Buying Domain:

  • GoDaddy – With GoDaddy, you may get cheap domain names
  • BigRock – BigRock provides domain names even cheaper than GoDaddy but I what I like most is their extra promotional offer of worth $100

Choosing Web-Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting – It is cheaper as well as the best option for new blogs.

Selecting Best Web-Hosting Company:

  • Bluehost – It’s world’s #1 hosting recommended by official WordPress.org [Discount included in Link]
  • HostGator – I started my blogging journey here, and it provides amazing service at low price. Some of my small sites are still running on HostGator. Use Coupon Code : TECHREVIEWPRO25 for 25% discount.
  • WP Engine – If you have a large website with millions of page views each month, WP Engine is the best.

Blogging Platform

Self-Hosted WordPress Blog [WordPress.org] is the best choice considering it is easier to use and more SEO friendly with unlimited possibilities to explore.

WordPress Plugins

I have a separate list of powerful WordPress plugins for your blog.

WordPress Themes for Best Design

  • Genesis – Genesis is leading WordPress theme framework right now. It is easily customizable and very SEO friendly.
  • Thesis – Thesis is 2nd most popular WordPress theme framework after Genesis. Though it is quite costlier than Genesis, it’s simple but powerful customization as well as robust SEO features makes it more than worth your money.
  • MyThemeShop – MyThemeShop provides some super fast loading, awesome WordPress themes with excellent SEO friendliness at amazingly low price. After testing lots of free WordPress themes, the Sensational theme from MyThemeShop was my first premium WordPress theme. Use coupon code MTSOFF60 to get 60% discount.

Excellent SEO Tools

  • SEMrush – It is excellent SEO tool for keyword research as well as various other SEO needs. If you are concerned about better ranking in search engines, I highly recommend SEMrush as must have SEO tool.
  • Google Keyword Planner – It is best free keyword research tool. In fact, your search engine optimization starts with keyword research and your keyword research is incomplete without Google Keyword Planner.
  • Long Tail Pro – It is also a paid SEO tool for keyword research. If you want to find lots of profitable long tail keywords in any niche, then it is worth your money as you’ll be able to drive more traffic with long tail keywords in a productive manner with better conversions and higher CPC [for AdSense users].

Recommended: The Pro Guide to Profitable Keyword Research Technique that Drives Traffic and Sales

Social Media Management Tools

  • Buffer – Perfect social media management tool for your all needs and help you stay productive by saving your lots of time on social sharing.
  • HootSuite – Excellent social media tool to manage and update your all social profiles at one place without wasting your time.

Email Marketing Tools

  • AWeber – Ultimate email marketing weapon for serious internet marketers who are determined to build a huge online business. Start your free trial.
  • Get Response – Excellent email marketing tool for small businesses at affordable price. Get Response offers 30-Days free trial.
  • MailChimp – If you don’t want to spend any money on email marketing use MailChimp for free up to your first 2000 subscribers. [Though there are some limitations with free version].

Blog Monetization

  • Google AdSense – Ultimate ad-network for small as well as large blogs/websites.
  • Infolinks – Best in-text advertising program to monetize and overcome banner blindness.
  • BuySellAds – Best CPM ad-network for getting high paying direct advertisement for your blog.

Affiliate Networks to Earn Money

  • ShareASale: The ultimate place for finding high paying affiliate products to promote.
  • WP Engine – Earn $200 for Each Sale.

I have a separate blog post for best affiliate programs for blogging niche blogs and high paying affiliate programs for Indian bloggers.

So here concludes my recommended tools list for bloggers and content marketers. I highly recommend these internet marketing tools for you.

Pro Review: Please don’t buy any product which you can’t afford. With free tools you are quite limited but that doesn’t mean they are worst.


Rahul Dubey

Founder of TechReviewPro.com

Twitter: @RahulDubey137
Facebook: RahulDubey137
Google+: +RahulDubey137

If you have any doubt or query about these tools, feel free to ask me secretly by dropping a mail at [email protected] or using all-in-one contact form.

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