What Happens When You Block Someone on iPhone?

You are probably here just because this (What Happens When You lock Someone on iPhone?) is one of the most requested questions by iOS users in general.

Of course, it is not rocket science to explain what happens after blocking someone on iPhone. However, for the very first time – if you are not sure what really happens when you block someone on iPhone, this article is for you.

Here, we shall discuss in details what happens when you block someone, and also we will take a look at how you can tell if someone blocked you on iPhone.

Why would you Block Someone on iPhone?

Well, a thought must have crossed your mind that I could just ignore the messages/calls – and not block the person.

But, if it is someone annoying you – the notifications will surely be the last thing you want to check.

So, in order to prevent notifications – blocking them is the only good option you have got.

From What Services can you Block Someone on iPhone?

By default, you have the ability to block calls and messages (or FaceTime) without the help of any 3rd party app. There’s no hidden trick for this. We will show you how to do this as you continue reading.

However, if you are using any other services like WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other instant messaging apps. You will have to manually block the user separately for each 3rd party messaging/VoIP app you have installed.

What really happens after you Block Someone on iPhone?

Now, coming to the main question – what really happens after blocking someone on iPhone?

When you block a number, you will stop receiving any notifications related to that number.

What Happens When You Block Someone on iPhone

Depending on what you blocked (SMS or Calls), you will stop seeing notifications from them. If they try to call you, they will just hear a ring and it will take them to the voice mail (if you have it setup). Or else, it will just tell them that you’re bust after a short ring.

And, even if the caller hears a short ring, you won’t get anything on your iPhone – you won’t even know if they tried to call you – unless you check your recent calls for the missed calls.

You can utilize the DND feature as well – if you want almost no one to call you or text you on your iPhone. The DND feature will block all of the notifications, not just the calls. However, you can set some numbers to bypass the DND mode.

In the case of using FaceTime, it is slightly different. The caller will think as if your iPhone is ringing (but you won’t be notified of it).

How to Block a Number on your iPhone?

What Happens When You Block Someone on iPhone?

There are two scenarios to this question. The first one involves the situation when you get a call from someone. It could be on the list of your received calls or missed calls. It will all appear in a single list on your phone in the recent call section.

And, the second situation is where you want to block a particular number from your contact list.

For both situations, there are different ways to navigate from and block them.

Fret not, we shall let you know both the solutions for blocking a number on iPhone.

Blocking Someone’s Number on iPhone from Recent call list

No matter whether you have the number in your contact list or not – it needs to be blocked.

And, it is quick and easy, when you get to have that user on your “recent calls” list.

Simply launch the phone app (dialer) and head to the number which you want to block.

Next, tap on the “i” icon (denotes Info) next to it – similar to what you see in the image above, which will present you another screen where you should find the blocking option at the bottom of it.

Block Someone from the contact list on iPhone

For this, you will have to head to system settings. And, then, navigate your way through “Phone->Call Blocking & Identification“.

Here, you will find the blocked list (if any). You can add more to the list from your contacts.

Unblock Phone Number on your iPhone

In the same option as mentioned above, you will find an “Edit” button in Call Blocking and Identification screen.

Tap on that and you will notice red buttons next to the blocked numbers. Tap on those to remove the blocked numbers – and whoosh, they have been unblocked!

Wasn’t so hard, was it?

How to Know if Someone Blocked you on iPhone?

I’m sure someday or the other, someone else might just block you for no reason at all. But, how will you know that?

You have to look for the same situation when you block someone else. You will just observe a single ring or no ring at all when you call them and would transfer you to the voice mail.

While sending a message, you will observe on iMessage, you won’t find “Delivered” even if the message was successfully sent.


Now that you know, it is so easy to block someone on an iPhone. And, also, what does happen after you block someone on iPhone – so you don’t have to worry.

If you want to unblock someone you blocked previously, you can always do that. And, if someone else blocked you, it is easy to figure it out when you try to call them or text them.

If you have any query or questions, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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