What was Yahoo Pipes? How did Yahoo Pipes Work? – Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

The Internet is full of various tools that allow us to control what is said about our business through social media. The problem with some of those tools is that you need programming skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to acquire those skills. For those who didn’t have those programming skills, you may have turned to tools such as Yahoo Pipes. It was an instrument that let you enjoy all the features programmers were enjoying, but without hours of studying programming.

What was Yahoo Pipes?

Don’t worry; Yahoo Pipes had nothing to do with the tech giant trying to get into the plumbing business. It was a web app that gave its users a graphical interface to create data mashups that combined web pages, web feeds, building web-based apps from various origins and publishing the apps.

How Did Yahoo Pipes Work?

Yahoo Pipes allowed its users to ¨pipe¨ data from various places and then create a guideline as to how that content should be changed. With Yahoo Pipes, you could add new pages by adding RSS feeds from different places.

In addition to the previously mentioned, users could also enjoy modules. These modules were put together into different categories such as date, sources, operators, etc.

Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

Since Yahoo Pipes is no longer active, let’s look at the best Yahoo Pipes alternatives that are available today.

1. Zapier

Zapier is a very popular alternative to Yahoo Pipes. It’s a web app that has appeared in places such as BuzzFeed and Spotify. It is an enterprise version of IFTTT but with some extras.

Zapier also allows you to streamline information on various sites, filter them and then either save them to a cloud service or publish them. Just like Yahoo Pipes had its pipes, Zapier has its Zaps.

Zapier - Yahoo Pipes Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

The web apps have a database you can search that are full of these Zaps that others have created for the popular applications. If you want to create a new zap, you will need to gain access to Zapier’s webhook. Accessing the webhook does require some developer skill, but only some. Zapier counts with the collaboration of more than 400 apps; you can’t complain about the lack of options here. The more, the merrier.

2. Superpipes

Superpipes Yahoo Pipes alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

Superpipes is another great Yahoo Pipes alternatives web app that knew that Yahoo Pipes would soon die off. So, the creators made this app so Yahoo Pipes users would have somewhere to go. There is a ¨but¨ to this app, and it’s that you will need two addons for it to work. Two is not so bad, right?

Superpipes uses the same technology as IFTTT and to host your app; it utilizes Heroku.

3. FeedsAPI

If you are looking for a premium Yahoo Pipes alternatives, then FeedsAPI is the app for you. Just like Yahoo Pipes, FeedsAPI allows you to take out full-text RSS feeds from various sites, personalize them and place them where you want them to go.

FeedAPI - Best Yahoo Pipes Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

You will be impressed with FeedsAPI since it turns single HTML pages into RSS news feeds. The features don’t end there since it also lets you receive the news feeds as an Evernote entry, Email, PDF, Blog post or a JSON file.

This Yahoo Pipes alternatives web app is not free, but it does give you a 14-day trial so you can test it out. If you think the app is what you have been looking for, Hobby is $15 a month while Standard is $79 a month.

4. Dlvr.it

If you are looking for a free web app to replace Yahoo Pipes, then how about Dlvr.it? It is a web app that offers you a free and premium plan with decent prices. With this app, you can add feeds from multiple sites, filter and sort the RSS feeds, put together various RSS feeds into one.

I think you will be happy with the good job the web app does of adding the feeds and putting them on social media. It is a known fact that a free account has much fewer features than paid accounts. The free account on this Yahoo Pipes alternatives web app is no different and has limited features.

DLVR.IT - Yahoo Pipes Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

The prices for the paid account aren’t ridiculously high and are worth a look into. The prices are the following:

  • Free – You get 5 Feeds
  • Pro – 50 Feeds for $9.99
  • Ultimate – 125 Feeds for $19.99
  • Agency Unlimited Feeds for $149.99

5. WorkFlow

Workflow is an app that iOS users will find useful. With this app, you can create your very own personalized Workflow that is similar to Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT. Just like the other Yahoo Pipes alternatives apps, Workflow also allows you to gather feeds and either save them to the cloud or share them to social media. Actions and apps are also added to automatize your workflow.

Workflow - Best Yahoo Pipies Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

You can also crawl web pages so you can take out their RSS feeds and add them to social media accounts. You will have more than 2200 actions to use with this web app, and you can use your iOS device to trigger actions by using the app. The app will set you back $2.99 on the app store.

6. Quadrigram

You can only give your opinion of an app after you have tried it, but many consider Quadrigram to be IFTTT+++. You can use APIs from 400 of services so you can easily get the job over with. Combine images, texts and interactive visualizations to give life to your creation.

Quadrigram - Yahoo Pipes Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

The app also lets you create presentations, articles so you can get your point out. Don’t worry if you don’t have any coding skills; you won’t need them with this app.

7. Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs is another Yahoo Pipes alternatives app that offers something that the others on the list don’t. It does the obvious such as turn a particular website into a customized API feed. After that, the feed can be exported as CSV, JSON, RSS and here is the grand price, you can turn it into an app for a mobile device.

Kimono Labs Yahoo Pipes Alternative - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

Kimono Labs also has a feature where you can program a time limit for the app to crawl the site for any additional update. If you are not a huge fan of public hosting, you should know that the APIs are publicly hosted and for part of a community of Kimono Labs.

The web app has a free and paid account to offer you. If you plan on using the app for your typical everyday use, then you are okay with the free account.

8. Huginn

If you regularly go to Github for other things, why not check out Huginn while you are at it. With Huginn you will be able to do most of the things you did on Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT. With an easy installation process, you can run it on Heroku, or you can run Huginn on your server.

Huginn - Yahoo Pipes alternatives - What is Yahoo Pipes? How did it Work? - Top 8 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives

You can also count on some advice of the distribution of dozens of other services. If you are a new to these kinds of apps, don’t worry Huginn also has a complete guide for beginners. You may come across other similar apps on Github, but this one seems to be the most popular.

You can count on an active and a big community to help you out with whatever issue comes your way.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

If you were sad when Yahoo Pipes closed, you were not the only once. I’m sure that Yahoo! wanted the web app to make it as much as you do, but I guess you can’t always get what you want. These things happen, and when they do it is always a good idea to have alternatives to turn to.

On this list, you will find the best alternative options out here for Yahoo Pipes. It’s up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. The best service on this list is relative since we all have our opinions, but you can bet that they all deliver what they promise. Are you using any Yahoo Pipes alternatives that I didn’t mention on the list? Tell me which one you are using in the comments.

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