Subway Surfers Cheats and Hacks for Unlimited Coins and Keys

Subway Surfers is one of the most addictive games that don’t need WiFi. Looking for Subway Surfers Cheats and hacks for unlimited coins and keys? Well, we’ll equip you with something better that would actually help. The cheats, the coin generators, they don’t really work. You should expect it to work only if you are willing to have a Subway Surfers modded APK file installed on your device (which is potentially dangerous). No matter what, we’ll also point you to some of the popular hacks (online generators) for unlimited coins and keys. If you’ve no problem trying them out, you can give them a go.

Do note, that the Subways Surfers coins generators mentioned in the articles may be a threat to your privacy – if you don’t mind – feel free to check them out.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the tips and tricks to hack your way to earn coins faster and level up quickly, which will be followed by the modded APK files and coin generators available across the Internet.

Subway Surfers Cheats and Hacks for Unlimited Coins and Keys

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Subway Surfers Cheats and Hacks for Unlimited Coins

Subway Surfers is undoubtedly one of the best endless running games available for both Android and iOS. It offers a lot of gameplay hours. However, it isn’t easy for just anyone to unlock the characters quickly and earn the coins equivalently. With the hacks or modded APKs, you might be able to generate coins quickly and unlock the characters in an instant but playing the game wouldn’t seem to be as interesting or challenging as it felt while you first tried it.

Knowing the game, the items available, and the level-up method will help you score faster in Subway Surfers. So, we present you a list of tips that’ll help you proceed further in the game:

  • Utilize the Power-ups: There are several power-ups (or you can say – boosters) available in-game. If you run into them often (wherever possible) – it will help you multiply your score and give you the chance to earn a lot of coins in a single run to quickly unlock the characters or the hoverboards.
  • Run On The Trains: Avoid continuing running on the train tracks. Instead, use the trains to have an advantage over the obstacles. In other words, if you keep on running high, you will get rid of the burden to handle hundreds of obstacles on the ground. At least, that is perfectly the easiest way to continue running. Don’t worry, if you are not good at running high, keep practising – that will be eventually beneficial for further progress in the game.
  • Use the proper Hoverboard: People generally tend to unlock or purchase the hoverboard that looks cool. But, each of them offers a unique ability which will help you run for a longer time in the game for a grand score. So, make sure to check out the special abilities and then decide what’s best to choose for the best possible score. We would recommend targetting the following hoverboards: Daredevil, Bouncer, Lowrider, Hot Rod & Windglider. They do require a lot of coins to be unlocked, but it comes with a special ability, unlike other cool hoverboards. Each season of the game brings in new hoverboards, so make sure to check them out when you update the game.
  • Move Combinations: You’re Doing It Wrong
    For every game, there’s a specific movement combo which makes the navigation easier (or safer). Similarly, Subway Surfers houses some gesture combinations to follow to keep running longer. You do not have to wait for a movement to complete – you can always utilize them back to back for faster maneuvers. Recommended gesture combos: 1. Swipe up (Jump) + Swipe Right to quickly maneuver -> You do not have to wait for the jump to complete. You can move while jumping as well. 2. Swipe up (Jump) + Swipe Left -> Similar to the previous combo. 3. Swipe up (Jump) + Swipe down (Roll) -> It is a very common move combo which you can use to cancel the jump. 4. Swipe down (Roll) + Swipe up (Jump) -> You can use this combo to cancel the roll and initiate the jump.
  • Don’t Miss The Daily Challenges: The daily challenges might be interesting or could be boring. But, if you want to maximize your chances to earn more coins, you should not miss the daily challenges.
  • Complete The Goals: Repeatedly running for the same course will definitely earn you some coins. But, that won’t be enough. You need to complete the missions to multiply your rewards.
  • Collect ALL the coins: If you want to unlock characters and hoverboards very fast, you need to be perfect. Collect every coin you see! Yes, it is possible – but you need to practice for that. If you will aim for all the coins, it will help you in taking risks and learn critical gameplay thereby increasing your reflexes in-game.

Available Subway Surfer Mods (APKs)

To have unlimited coins, you need to uninstall the official Subway Surfers app. The modded APK files might contain malware, so beware before allowing the installation.

If you need the latest Subway Surfers Cairo mod, there’s a popular mod available in Zippyshare. You just need to download the APK file, and it’s done. With this APK file, you can play the modified version of the game with the ability to have unlimited coins and keys.

Do note that you will not be able to update the modded Subway Surfers game from the Play Store. Unless the creator of the mod hasn’t already rolled it out.

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Online Coin Generators for Subway Surfers

While there are a lot of coin generators but a few of them (maybe 1 in a million) works. You need to connect your account by providing the details required by the generator tools. And, then they will try to generate coins or redeem them on your account.

Well, at least, that’s the theory. To experiment, I did try a generator years back with Clash of Clans, and it worked.

When you log in to the generator, you will have to complete certain surveys to get access further. Most of the time – it is utter nonsense. But, I do have some friends, who did mention of the tools to work previously.

So, if you are interested, you can try some of the generators by a simple query search on Google.


The best way to up your game would be by following the tips and tricks for Subway Surfers we mentioned. If that’s not your cup of tea. Instead, you just want to experience the latest hoverboards and characters; you may go ahead and install the mod APK files.

I wouldn’t recommend trying out the Subway Surfers unlimited coin generators online, but that’s still an option – if you want to try.

Let us know in the comments below if some of your techniques do work. Let’s surf!

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