3 Simple Blogging Mistakes Many New Bloggers Make and Quit Blogging

Every blogger who jumps into deep ocean of blogging has a dream of making it really big and worth talking. But most of them commit some simple blogging mistakes. And fail to make even any impression of their personality in blogging world.

Blogging is becoming a trend these days. Unlike earlier, blogging is not only limited to learning and sharing knowledge these days. It has grown and reached beyond that. And one of the greatest growth that blogosphere has witnessed over past few years is – Blogging becoming a serious business.

Now a days, most of us are aware that blogging can be really a great source of income if done effectively. So many people create a blog and get started in blogging. All that they know is having a blog means they are simply going to make huge money blogging. But reality is different.

Since, they start blogging without knowing the basics, they commit some simple blogging mistakes. Sometimes, these simple blogging mistakes are not so simple. These might lead to serious issues and eventually compelling them to quit blogging.

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What are Those Simple Blogging Mistakes?

Recently, I was going through latest launched some blogs for some special research work. Though, the purpose behind those research was different, which I would share with you in my upcoming posts. Yet, I come up with different but some useful takeaways.

After keeping a very close eye on some of new blogs, what I noticed that they are not so active now. Obviously, I can understand why they are so inactive. The reason is simple they committed some simple blogging mistakes and are on the verge of quitting blogging.

Take a look at these simple blogging mistakes and make sure you don’t commit these simple blogging mistakes.

1. Copy and Pasting Contents from Other Blogs

Many new bloggers jumps into blogging without having proper subject knowledge. They don’t have expertise in their niche and hence they are unable to write quality posts regularly. So sometimes, they copy and paste contents from other blogs.

Copying and pasting not only affect their ranking and visibility in search engines but also make a bad impression in communities and among readers. Believe me, there is nothing worse than reading a copy and pasted content. Sometimes, it is like an annoying factor for your readers. And eventually, they ignore even landing to your blog when you publish a post next time.

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2. Using Copyrighted Images without Providing Credit

Many bloggers are aware enough of the fact that why every blog post must have at least single image. So in order to enhance the look and SEO of a post, they insert images in blog post. But what is most funny is that they don’t even know whether they have right to use those images or not !

Do you know, you are not allowed to use all of images you come across. If you are using others copyrighted images without their consent, you are legally in trouble. The image owner can file a DMCA complain against you. And you would end up paying higher amount for each image you have used commercially than what you have ever earned from your blog.

This is very serious issue and every new blogger must not commit this simple blogging mistake.

So must check details (including copyright and attribution details) of an image before using them in blog post. Consider using only those images which are having creative common license. And provide proper image credit if required. You might consider to go through this post – various creative common licenses details which would help you learn how to do proper attribution.

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3. Thinking Blogging as “Make Money Blogging” Only

Again, last but not least. In fact, I have saved the best for the last. Most of new bloggers think that blogging is a get rich quick scheme where they can make huge money blogging. So they start blogging. But when they fail to achieve overnight blogging success, this lead them to depression and finally they quit blogging.

Let me tell you, blogging is no doubt a great way to earn money. But it takes time to get everything going. So rather than thinking to make money blogging, consider blogging as a way to share knowledge.

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Being successful is all about learning from others mistakes. So learn from these simple blogging mistakes and avoid committing these. So take care of these small and simple blogging mistakes and big things will take care of themselves.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. However, do let me know via comment section below if I missed any simple blogging mistakes.

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