Top 7 Best School Bus Driving Games for School Bus Game Lovers

There might be a lot of school games on a variety of 3rd party stores and sites, but there aren’t much school bus games or driving simulator games for school kids around. So, we’ve gathered for the cause to help you out with the list of best school bus games that will include some incredible driving simulator games and challenging school bus driving games for school.

Fret not; the games we chose here could be termed as “magic school bus games” – because they’re so informative and enjoyable at the same time, kids would find it very interesting!

Just like our other resources on site, we will try to stick to the Steam store for the games we pick. If you find something listed from a 3rd party site – consider it to be a very trustworthy site as we’ve done all the research about many school games, and hence, we’ll be sharing everything we need to let you know about the coolest school bus games.

Top 7 Best School Bus Driving Games

Previously, we have shared about some school games and cool math games for kids. If you find any school games of your choice blocked at your school, we have a separate article where you can find ways to play school games unblocked as well.

In this article, you’ll find many of the best school bus games. We have categorized these school bus games into 2 parts like Top School Bus Games, Best School Bus Driving Games, and School Bus Simulator Games.

Top School Bus Games

So let’s start with top school bus games for kids:

1. School Bus Fun

School Bus Fun game for kids isn’t any ordinary game around – it lets you have fun driving a school bus along with some interesting challenges to complete on the way.

The game isn’t meant for making you learn how to drive – but focuses more on time management skills by putting you into a situation where you have to drive a school bus and fulfill the demands of every child you pick up on the way.

School Bus Fun - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

It indeed is one of the most enjoyable school bus games ever. It contains 13 characters with 60 fast-paced levels. There are three different game modes offered in this school bus game as well.

2. OmniBus

OmniBus is a great racing school bus game. Well, not similar to any big titles – but an Indie game which is fun. You get a bus which is the most powerful thing in the universe (as per in-game story).

And, unfortunately – it does not slow down nor stop at any time. You will have to race your way to complete the checkpoints without causing much chaos to the city you are passing by.

Omni Bus - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

This school bus game also supports a multiplayer mode to race against players from across the world. It is the only racing game among the best school bus games we have in the store.

– School Bus Driving Games

In the “School Bus Driving Games” category, we will be looking at only the casual driving games that either includes a Bus or solely focuses on Bus driving – instead of a complete simulation. Considering that, we’ve got a few options you would like:

3. Bus Driver

Bus Driver is a well-polished game released in 2007. It isn’t bad for being one of the coolest school bus driving games. Well, technically it comes under the simulation part, but correct me if I’m wrong – there’s no first-person view on this game. So, it does not stand a chance in the simulation category as mentioned on Steam.

Bus Driver - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

The graphics aren’t too good but not too bad for a kid either. It is definitely an enjoyable school bus game for kids, and the environment seems quite interactive where a kid can learn the rules and realize how good it is to drive correctly with the rules followed. The Bus Driver costs 7.99 USD on Steam.

4. OMSI 2: Steam Edition

OSMI 2 costs 34.99 USD. It is a very popular bus driving game for school kids, and it surely gets its place as one of the best school bus driving games.

It might be an expensive take on a school bus driving game, but it still is a great game. This game goes in both for a casual bus driving game and a simulator game as well.

Omsi Bus Game - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

The graphics quality is good enough for just about any school kid who loves playing school bus driving games. You will get to explore the environment with a touch of a story-driven gameplay. Not much – but just a few pieces of it will be attractive.

– School Bus Simulator Games

5. Bus Simulator 16

Bus Simulator is one of the greatest school bus simulator games released in 2016. It offers decent graphics quality, and the price isn’t a fortune either. You can get it for just 7.49 USD on Steam.

The game covers every aspect of a driving simulator. It just does not feature a prototype bus but a real-life licensed design from Mercedes and similar BUS manufacturers.

Bus Simulator 16 - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

You get a hang to how good your driving skills can be with the rules to be followed. And, then you will have to watch how to keep the passengers safe and practice the safe methods to remember them for practical use when required.

6. New York Bus Simulator

If only you need to simulate the process of driving a bus on a busy traffic route, New York should be a great place to start with. So, New York Bus simulator is one of the school bus games around with difficult challenges.

New York Bus Simulator Game - - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

The graphics quality isn’t too promising. However, the driving mechanics are good. If you were looking for one of the best school bus simulator games under 10 USD, this is a very close choice for that being priced at 9.99 USD.

7. Munich Bus Simulator

Munich Bus simulator is the successor to New York Bus simulator. New York is one of the busiest traffic areas – you get challenging driving tasks.

However, Munich bags in the spot for one of the best school bus games – because of the smooth gameplay and graphics quality.

Munich Bus Simulator Game - - Best School Bus Games - Best School Bus Driving Games

It isn’t the best around – for obvious reasons. But, if you were looking for a bus simulator game that tours a couple of museums and important destinations – focusing ongoing in the correct route and driving at an optimal speed.

Which School Bus Games you should Play?

We have mentioned the best of some school bus games available on Steam. If you want the best school bus driving games – you got that! You need the best school bus simulator games – you got that too!

We’ll be on the lookout for more school bus games and keep this article updated for you! Make sure to bookmark it and let us know your thoughts about the school bus games mentioned – in the comments down below.

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