Simple Blogging Mistakes to Quit Blogging-SlipUp

Every blogger who jumps into deep ocean of blogging has a dream of making it really big and worth talking. But most of them commit some simple blogging mistakes. And fail to make even any impression of their personality in blogging world. Blogging is becoming a trend these days. Unlike earlier, blogging is not only [...]

What is PayPal and Why You Must Have it ?

Being an Internet-preneur or simply online shopaholic, you often come across a term - PayPal. PayPal is world's most leading digital payment method which most of people use in day to day life for financial purposes. People often enjoy happy money transferring via PayPal without any issue but many of them don't know - "What [...]

BlogSpot Bloggers Must Buy a Custom Domain Name - Buy Top Level Domain

Blogging is surely becoming a charming business at a very fast pace. And when it comes to setting up a business, most of us wish to get started with a little or no investment at all. BlogSpot blogs are a similar business solution for newbie bloggers who wish to get started in blogging with no [...]

How to Install A WordPress Theme Easily ?

Are you looking to install a WordPress theme ? Installing a theme can be a challenging task on any of blogging platform especially when you are new to blogging. As you know that WordPress is considered to be next level (professional's) blogging platform where you need to have next level knowledge in order to make [...]

5 Valid Reasons Why You Must Have Images in Blog Post

One of the common blogging mistake that I have seen new bloggers making again and again is - Not using the proper images in blog post. You might not be one of those but even experienced commit such mistakes in some of their blog posts, thinking images is not a must have factor for at [...]

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