KeepVid Pro for Windows: Is It the Ultimate Video Downloader for Windows?

There may be a lot of video downloaders available for Windows but not all of them work as you would expect. Maybe, you could find something to be good enough with a very bad user interface (I won’t name them!). Either case, you could find a very good software in terms of its user interface but just does not work!

And, following the current trend, a video downloader needs to come packed with a lot of additional features, not just the ability to download videos but also to convert them. Also, at the same time, you would not like a software overloading the add-on tools and making it unusable at times.

All things considered, we have a great software tool that you have probably heard about but may not know about it in details. Yes, we are talking about KeepVid Pro for Windows.

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KeepVid Pro for Windows Review: The Ultimate Video Downloader for Windows?

In this article, we will review KeepVid Pro for Windows covering every aspect of it and would help you decide whether it is worth purchasing.

The User Interface

No matter what the purpose of a software tool is – the UI matters the most. If a software features a good user interface, it is more likely to be used by a lot of users if it does the work as expected.

keepvid pro user interface - KeepVid Pro for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video DownloaderThe user interface could be modern or classic but should be easy to use in the first place. Here, with KeepVid Pro for Windows, you get a decent yet modern looking user interface which is very easy to use and get comfortable with. You may say that it offers a clean UI.

Package Size

How big can a downloader be? Well, it normally comes around 100 MB. However, that is a basic downloader we usually know about. In this case, KeepVid Pro occupies 218 MB of storage space after installation.

keepvid review - KeepVid Pro for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video DownloaderDo note that the file gets downloaded while installing it. In other words, it does not offer an offline installer.


KeepVid Pro for Windows comes packed with many powerful features which makes is one of the best video downloaders for Windows. Let’s explore the various features it offers you.

KeepVid Pro Video Converter for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video Downloader

Download Videos: The primary purpose of this downloader is to get videos onto your computer from a variety of video sharing sites. It definitely does the work here. It supports a lot of video sharing sites that include Dailymotion, YouTube, Hulu, Break, BlipTV, Metacafe, Lynda, VideoBash, MyVideo, and a lot more similar sites. Considering these sites, we can be sure that it is not just any ordinary video downloader but lets you fetch videos from a lot of potential video sharing sites (not just the popular ones).

Video Download Formats: Downloading may be the easiest part. But, what if you want to download the video in a specific format of your choice? Can you do that here?

KeepVid Pro Video Converter for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video Downloader

Yes, KeepVid Pro for Windows lets you download videos in any format of your choice. It can be MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, and so on.

Playlist Download Ability: Downloading a single video might be a child’s play. However, some of the advanced users with a pretty decent Internet connection tend to directly download the entire playlist. With KeepVid Pro, you get the ability to do that. But, it’s not a feature you can utilize with the Trial version installed, you can utilize it only when you upgrade it to the pro version.

Fast Download With Turbo Mode: A feature to be loved if you do not want to waste your time to wait for the download to complete for a long time, instead let it happen as soon as possible. With KeepVid Pro, you can utilize the Turbo Mode to do the same. Of course, when you upgrade it to the pro version, it does not restrict the bandwidth (with the turbo mode), so you experience faster downloads. A downloader won’t improve your native download speeds but could help by letting to utilize the bandwidth or by getting connected to a faster download server (in some cases).

Record Screen: With KeepVid Pro, you can record your desktop screen. Also, it lets you record live videos at the same time. Obviously, if you get the ability to record the desktop screen, you can try to record anything while browsing the web (or streaming a video). I haven’t tried recording a video while playing a game, but you could give it a try and let us know.

It also comes with quite a few advanced options where you can schedule the record time to end without waiting for it and manually stop it.

Convert Videos: With KeepVid Pro for Windows, you can easily convert the online videos you want to download in the desired format. Also, not just online video conversion, you can utilize it to convert any local video files to the desired format, therefore, ditching the requirement to have a separate video converter for the job. It does support a lot of video formats for conversion.

File Transfer Ability: It may be a bloating feature to some but it is still a useful addition for the people not using dedicated file transfer software utilities.

KeepVid Pro for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video DownloaderWith KeepVid Pro for Windows, you can carry on downloading the videos and convert them easily while also getting the ability to transfer your file directly to your smartphone (iOS and Android supported). For iPhone, it has become an easy task when iOS 11 has brought in the File support. However, you won’t have any trouble transferring anything to your Android device

Download Direct Video to MP3: In case you only need the audio part of a video, you can then simply download the MP3 file of the video with the best quality (high bit-rate). With the trial version, you get to download only two MP3 files with a high bitrate. But, after you upgrade it to the pro version, you should be good to go.

Download Any Video Content: With KeepVid Pro, you do not get any restrictions while trying to download a video file. Whether it is an embedded content or a music video, you can download it all. You can even download 4K / Ultra HD video file with the Pro version of the software.

Task Scheduler: KeepVid Pro lets you manage the download tasks for easy multitasking. You can opt to shut down the computer when the download stops.

– Browser Extensions: To make things easier, it lets you utilize browser extensions. It supports Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. While installing KeepVid Pro, you will get the option to add the extensions on Chrome or Firefox. If you install the extensions, you can download the videos with the help of the extension in a click.

Pricing Plans

KeepVid Pro for Windows - Best Video Downloader for Windows - Ultimate Video Downloader
You can easily try KeepVid Pro for Windows for free with certain restrictions when you download it from the official site.

If you are impressed with the features and you want to have it installed, you can get a 1-year license for 19.95 USD or could opt for a lifetime license at just 29.95 USD. In case you want to have it installed on multiple systems, you can get the family license at just 72.50 USD.

If you still can’t decide whether to purchase it or not, you can utilize the KeepVid online downloader to download videos anyway.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

KeepVid Pro for Windows is a feature-rich video downloader which comes with a lot of added tools. You can convert videos, download playlists, download YouTube subtitles, and a lot more stuff with a single software priced lower than anyone would expect.

It’s a must-have software to download videos for Windows! Don’t you think?

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