Keepvid Video Downloader: Best All-in-One YouTube Video Downloader and Converter [Review]

Keepvid is already known as one of the most popular free YouTube to mp4 online tool. Now, we have Keepvid Android, which would help you quickly download videos from popular video platforms including YouTube right on your smartphone. Well, no matter whether you want to convert (download) YouTube videos to MP4 or be it YouTube to MP3 conversion, Keepvid could be a handy app for you to use. But, how good is it? Does it work the way expected? Is the app good enough or should you stick with the online tool instead?

But, how good is it? Does it work the way expected? Is the app good enough or should you stick with the online tool instead? Without further ado, let us get into knowing about Keepvid for Android with some detailed insights.

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Keepvid Video Downloader: Best All-in-One YouTube Video Downloader and Converter [Review]

We have already shared best video player apps for Android. In this post, we are going to review Keepvid Video Downloader app for Android which is one of the best all-in-one video downloader and converter for Android.

The User Interface

Many reviewers do ignore the UI. But the user interface is what appeals a user to keep using the app for a long time. If you encounter a terrible user experience, then the app simply isn’t good enough.

Keepvid Video Downloader for Android - Best All-in-one Video Download for Android - YouTube Mp3 Downloader

Here, Keepvid for Android offers a decent user interface. The UI isn’t very complicated nor too simple; it does the work. Even the in-app advertisements are placed correctly for a user not interested in getting rid of them. In a nutshell, the UI isn’t annoying even with the in-app ads in action.

The Package Size

The APK file size is around 8 MB and is compact enough even after installation (~10 MB). So, it isn’t anything that would require a whole lot of space while installing the app.

The Performance

Unquestionably, the performance would depend on the smartphone and the Android system version on board. However, you do need to be sure whether an app is prone to crashes or filled with unfixed bugs. It directly points to the user experience.

As per our usage, the app did not crash even once, and we didn’t notice any nasty bugs with it. It works very good and consumes minimal resources (of course it is just a downloader app!).

The Features

If an app is not feature-rich, it isn’t appreciated by all. So, here, let us take a look at all the features that Keepvid Video Downloader for Android comes packed with.

Download YouTube Videos To MP3

With Keepvid for Android installed, you do not need a crappy app just to convert a video to MP3 because Keepvid helps you directly convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.

Best App to Download YouTube Video to Mp3 - Best Video Downloader App for Android

In addition to this, you get the option to download either 128 Kbps audio file or 256 Kbps audio file. The latter would be technically a more quality version, but it all comes down to the audio device you are utilizing.

Keepvid also supports a lot of other sites. According to which one you utilize, you may encounter the audio conversion feature with other platforms as well.

Download YouTube Videos to MP4/3GP

Depending on what quality you want to download the video at, the format would follow. If you are looking to download the HD version (720p), you will observe the MP4 format being downloaded. In either case, if you choose to download a video on 240p resolution, it would be a 3GP file.

To download the YouTube videos on the 2K resolution, you need to be a VIP user, i.e., you need to upgrade it for 1.99 USD (one-time fee). More on this later.

Share to Download The Video

It might be one of the best YouTube downloaders for Android. But, apart from just the downloading ability, we need to look for convenient features as well.

Download YouTube Videos to Mp3 - Best YouTube to Mp3 Downloader App

With Keepvid, you get the ability to initiate the download while sharing the video (for example – sharing a video via YouTube app). So, you do not need to head into the downloader to again find your favorite video to download it. You can take a look at the screenshot above for better understanding.

Copy Link To Download The Video

Of course with some downloaders, you get the ability to copy the link and then paste it to initiate the download.

Copy Link to Download YouTube Videos - Best YouTube Video Downloader App for Android

However, with Keepvid Android, when you copy a link to your clipboard, you will automatically encounter a prompt asking you to download the particular video from the URL copied to your clipboard. It surely saves a lot of time and in essence, helps get your task done quickly.

Built-in Web Browser

You would not expect every user to have YouTube/Vimeo/SoundCloud app installed. While you have Keepvid for Android installed, you do not need to install other applications to download your favorite content to your device. You can just browse for them through the built-in browser offered. All you need to do is search or visit the same URL and then start downloading what you want. It is that easy!

Supports A Variety of Sites

It is not just any ordinary YouTube video downloader. You can utilize it to download video content/audio from SoundCloud/Vimeo/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr.

Best YouTube to Mp3 Downloader App for Android

The screenshot above sums up the sites supported by Keepvid Video Downloader for Android.

Ability to Download Playlists

Trying to download a single video from YouTube? Well, that is a simple task. What if we need to download a complete playlist at once? Can your downloader do that?

Interestingly, Keepvid for Android gives you the ability to download the complete playlist as per your choice. Of course, that would be a huge download task, but it fetches the playlist and completes downloading them.

Other Options

Not just the key features matter, the in-app options also makes things quite easier. Here, you can observe some helpful additions to the menu.

Download YouTube Videos to Mp3 on Android - Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter

You get to set your preferred download storage location. Also, it lets you put a limit on how many download tasks you can perform at once. If you prefer to download things only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can tweak that as well. You can also choose a different video player to play the videos downloaded through the app.

Pricing & Plans

Keepvid is probably one of the best Android video downloaders. However, it is not completely a free solution. If you need access to some premium features, you need to upgrade it for 1.99 USD. And, that’s a one-time fee, which also gets rid of the in-app advertisement forever.

Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter and Downloader for Android

Well, 1.99 USD for so much more? It sure is a good deal. What do you think? As we mentioned the VIP upgrade plan, what does it offer exactly? Let us take a brief look on that:

Removes the in-app advertisements ->

You will no more experience the advertisement banners at the bottom of the app while in use with an active Internet connection.

Enable downloading of YouTube Playlists ->

We recently mentioned this feature as a bonus with Keepvid for Android. However, you do need to upgrade as a VIP user to utilize that feature.

Enable download of 2K Videos ->

With the free version of Keepvid, you can download the videos at a maximum of 720p resolution. Well, that’s good enough for a smartphone. But, if you have a device with a 1440p resolution screen or even better, you surely need to download 2K resolution videos for a rich multimedia experience.

Enable download YouTube CC -> It is an impressive feature that you can utilize which lets you keep the subtitles/captions/CC with the video content.

Future premium feature access -> With the one-time VIP subscription, you can get hold of all the latest premium features that would be available in the future updates.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

In the end, you get to decide what you want. Overall, you got to see what it offers and how good it is with the free and premium features included. We will conclude that it is indeed one of the finest video downloaders for Android we’ve seen so far. It offers a decent user interface with appealing features and lets you access great features at such a low cost for the upgrade.

What do you think of Keepvid Android video downloader? Is it good enough for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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