How to Get More Traffic to Blog? – I Wish I Knew These Tips Earlier

Blogging is like crying in wilderness unless or until your blog has a decent amount of audiences who often visit your blog as reader. When you start blogging, your first goal is to create a well designed good looking blog which reflects your creativity. But blogging being a dynamic world ensures you come across new challenges every now and then. Somewhat you succeed to get traffic to your new blog with some basic ways but the major challenge is to keep the momentum going. As your blogging journey goes on, you tend to establish yourself in your niche which is very essential especially when you are looking to be a professional blogger. But most of times you fail to grab attention of more visitors. And the only question whose answer you need again and again is – “How to get more traffic to blog ?“.

This happens ! And really you don’t need to get too panic. In fact, everyone who jumps into blogging world has to face this problem somewhere during initial journey. This is the phase which can either make you a better blogger or just a bigger failure. And believe me none of the blogger is there who doesn’t ask himself “How to get more traffic to blog ?“.

How to Get More Traffic to Blog ? - Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

When I started blogging, I was much reluctant to know how to get more traffic to blog. So I kept asking Google and other search engines trying different keywords. Whenever I asked them, they took me to a blog post where the author was offering me an E-book or a software. And believe me it was really annoying as how the hell a struggling blogger would buy these costly stuffs ? You might have also found yourself in such situation where I was. You know, its a cheap way of marketing their products and services.

Let me make your doubt cleared, I’m not against those marketers or gurus. And everyone is free to market their services whichever way he/she wants. But what I don’t like is the way they play with emotions of budding bloggers. However, as I have suffered I feel the pain of suffering. And therefore I’m going to share some tips as “How to get more traffic to blog ?“.

How to Get More Traffic to Blog?

In my earlier post I had shared some basic ways to get traffic to new blog. But over the time, I realized those basic ways need to be advanced. In blogging you have to implement new techniques every now and then. That’s how you cope up and keep yourself alive in competition. So in this post you would be learning the advanced ways as how to get more traffic to blog.

1. Don’t Just Learn SEO….Do Optimize With Proper Keyword Research

Earlier, I had discussed that Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is a very important factor in success of a blog. SEO is often fearful thing for beginners and they keep themselves away from it. But let me tell you, SEO is not a ghost. You just have to learn it and implement.

However, one basic mistakes that new bloggers make is – they optimize without doing proper keyword research. Keyword research is very important part of SEO. And this is much helpful in building a profitable blog.

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Suppose you optimize some information in your blog post for search engine excellently. And your post is getting top ranked in search results. But what if only few people search for that information ? Really, you would not be getting that amount of traffic which you deserve.

Thus, keeping an eye on various things like what search volume a keyword get over a period of time, how much is CPC for that keyword etc. would be more beneficial. Hence, your post would be featuring in search results very now and then. And you know every well that organic search traffic is best way to get lifetime free traffic.

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2. Focus Only those Social Medias…….Which are Beneficial for You

Social media is a great way of promotion. If you share your blog posts to various social media platforms, you would be able to drive a large amount of traffic every day. But instead of being addicted to social media, use a proper social media strategy that works.

Bloggers often keep socializing their content on different social platforms. Somehow they succeed to get traffic to their blog in this way. But they often ignore to realize how much time they are wasting on social media platforms.

Suppose it takes about 3-4 hours in sharing your blog post to various social media, considering the fact that you share on at least top 6-8 social platforms. Even if you are getting around 60% of your overall traffic from social platforms only. But still this method is less productive considering the amount of precious time you are wasting. So better you focus on only those social networks which are beneficial for you so that you can get best without wasting much time.

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Over the time I have realized that Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and StumbleUpon have been better social platforms to market your content as compared to many others. So try to build a strong presence on major social media. Because unless or until you have a strong presence on social media, your all hard work in promotion is just a waste of time.

3. Guest Post on Popular Blogs in Your Niche……But Regularly

Guest posting is a sure shot method to drive traffic from popular blogs to your blog. Guest posting is like introducing yourself in a power packed crowd. And if you would not introduce yourself to a well packed crowd, how do you expect yourself to be known by a huge crowd.

In fact, I have realized that when you write a guest post on popular blogs, you not only build a strong relationship with those popular bloggers but also introduce yourself to a well established blogging community. They share your post using their powerful social presence of large fans and followers. So in simple words, they are making you a popular dignity with a link to your blog included in your author bio.

This is how to get more traffic to blog when you are completely new to blogging and only few people knows you. Actually, by guest posting you can sky rocket your blog traffic easily. But what is most usual mistake by new bloggers is that they guest post once and forget. However, studies reveal that bloggers who guest post regularly are more successful in driving huge traffic to their blog.

Consider to write guest post once every week or at least once per month. This is much effective. And there are many advantages of writing guest post.

4. Start Building an Email List…..From First Day of Blogging

This is the worst mistake I made ever during my blogging journey. During my initial days, I wasn’t aware of power of building an email list. And that is what many new bloggers think. But over the time I realized that email marketing is a very powerful way to get traffic to your blog.

With the Facebook fan pages loosing their overall reach capability, email marketing has come up as the best solution to reach your loyal audiences easily. You can offer your readers to sign up for your newsletter for free using their email. Whenever required or at least every week, you can contact them via their email. When you share your blog posts of the week in newsletter, a large audience instantly visit your latest posts of the week. Thus you get able to drive a large number of visitors to blog easily.

If you are still not in email marketing, its time to think deeply and get started. An email list is not only helpful in getting traffic to your blog but also beneficial in marketing your services and affiliate products. So the sooner you’ll start, faster you’ll build it up. And that’s how to get more traffic to blog – Really incredible way.

5. Post Content Regularly…..But Ensure It’s Quality

We often hear that punch line everywhere – Content is King. And yes, it deserves to be listed everywhere. You get the ways for “How to get more traffic to blog” but what it keeps traffic coming is – your content quality. If your content is awesome, your visitors turn into your loyal readers. And if your content is not up to mark, even your loyal readers start leaving your blog. So obviously traffic will go down.

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So never give your readers reason to leave your blog. Ensure that you only share quality blog posts which are not only helpful but also perfectly organised with good quality words and better grammar skills. Consider learning some grammar skills so that your blog post doesn’t contain grammatical errors and poor writing language.

And try to be as consistent as possible. This is not only beneficial from readers perspective but also for others factors like search engine indexing, over all SEO and rankings etc.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

There are many software and SEO services that promise to deliver huge traffic to your blog at very cheap rates. But these are just waste of your time and money. There is nothing which can substitute the quality of organic free traffic. Make sure you don’t get tempted to try any black hat method to get more traffic to your blog.

These are some best solution for – “How to get more traffic to blog?“. However, there are many other ways to get more traffic to blog. Check out what works and what doesn’t. But quickly analyze and change your strategy if something doesn’t work. Make sure you stick to that which works. And I’m sure you’ll be able to get more traffic to your blog.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you know any different way(s) to get more traffic to blog, do let me know via comment section below. Also feel free to share which among above would you prefer ??

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