How to Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt and Share Files Easily ?

Many times, it happens that you wanted to share some files with your friend’s computer or connect to your friend’s or any person’s computer to play games on LAN but you don’t have the Ethernet cable to connect or any secondary storage devices like USB drive, SD card or external HDD to share the files. In such situation, life without an Ethernet cable seems to be tough one. But you don’t need to worry even in worst situation like this ; as you may easily create WiFi hotspot using command prompt and share files without an Ethernet cable.

Lost your Ethernet cable ? Don’t worry, you can still create a connection between the two computers (or more) by turning your computer into a Wireless Hotspot. By using Wireless Hosted Network, any person can connect to your computer through WiFi. You can also connect to another WiFi when Hosted Network is active.

Command Prompt Tips and Tricks to Create WiFi Hotspot and Share Files

To create a virtual wireless adapter, we need a computer which support hosted network, Command Prompt and some simple steps to be followed are as follows.

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Create WiFi Hotspot using Command Prompt and Share Files

For Windows(7\8\8.1\10)

Before we proceed, make sure that your computer’s WiFi is turned on.

Step 1.

Run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt and Share Files Easily

Step 2.

Now type “netsh wlan show drivers” without “” and press Enter (as highlighted in the image below) to check whether the host computer supports Hosted network or not. As shown in the image below:

How to Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt to Share Files Easily

Step 3.

A list will appear where you can check “Hosted network supported: Yes” which means your computer supports Hosted network and you can create Hotspot. If “Hosted network supported: No” then you can’t proceed. As highlighted in the image below :

Create WiFi Hotspot Easily and Connect Multiple PCs to Share Files over LAN

Step 4.

Now to Set up the WiFi Hotspot, Type: [netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot nameKey=password“] without [ ] and ” ” and press Enter, like I have named my hotspot as ‘TechReviewPro‘, and ‘ankur123‘ is the password for the connection. As shown in the image below :

Step by Step Beginner Guide on How to Create WiFi Hotspot on PC using Command Prompt

Step 5.

Now to start the WiFi Hotspot\Hosted Network, Type: “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” without ” ” and press Enter. As shown in the image below:

How to Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt and Connect Multiple PCs

Now you have Successfully turned your computer into a WiFi hotspot, Share your password and connect. Once you are connected, you may easily start sharing files over WiFi network without any issue.

But you might be wondering how to share files using the WiFi hotspot created by command prompt. So let’s see further steps to share files via WiFi hotspot on your PC.

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Steps to Easily Share Files Among Multiple PCs

Step 1.

Let your friend know your WiFi password and help them connect to your computer on Hotspot.

Share Files Without Ethernet Cable over LAN - Connect Multiple PCs via WiFi Hotspot Created Using Command Prompt

Step 2.

Turn on the File sharing by going to, “Control Panel >>Network and Internet >>Network and Sharing Center” then click on “Change advanced sharing settings” present in the left side of the screen.

Open Network and Sharing Center to Connect Multiple PCs via WiFi Hotspot Over LAN

Step 3.

Now in Change advanced sharing settings, Click on the radio button and Turn on network discovery similarly turn on the file and printer sharing.

Advance Sharing Center - Step by Step Guide to Share Files From One Computer to Another Through WiFi

Now you have successfully turned on the network discovery, file and printer sharing. Hence, you can Share your files by going to “This PC >>Network” and login to friend’s computer using proper credentials.

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How to Turn Off the WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt ?

To stop or turn off the WiFi Hotspot , type “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork” without “”, in the Command Prompt window. As shown in the Image below :

Trick to Turn Off Wifi Hotspot Using Command Prompt in PC

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

That’s it! Now, we have learnt how to create WiFi Hotspot using the Command Prompt and Share Files easily. It is quite effective method as it helps the user to establish the connection and file sharing without using any external device.

Hope you found this post useful. Thanks for being here, keep visiting TechReviewPro for more useful tips and tricks.

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