Hello, World! Welcome to TechReviewPro!

Hi everyone ! How are you all? Hope you would be fine. Well, welcome to TechReviewPro. This is my first post on TechReviewPro. So let’s have fun and talk about what’s happening around the technology world. We are in the 21st century – that’s something everyone knows!

Hello, World! Welcome to TechReviewPro!

Okay let’s say the truth, it’s 1st of October, 2014. And we are launching TechReviewPro.com today. Not a surprise, we want to write something unique here to make our first impression. So I have some fun things for you. Keep reading!

Starting from A, I’ll go to up to Z. So let’s start!

  • A – Apple has recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • B – Blackberry has launched its latest product Blackberry Passport surprising people with its square size.
  • C – Celkon now partners with Opera. So Celkon users are all set to get pre-installed Opera browser.
  • D – Dell has launched Inspiron 11 and Inspiron 13 taking 2-in-1 experience of Dell users to next level.
  • E – Ebay plans PayPal spin-off in 2015.
  • F – Facebook re-launches its Atlas Ads eyeing to compete with Google Ads.
  • G – Google’s Android One is ready to join Indian market. Hence targeting low budget people it is going to be a buzz for Google in India. However, Gionee’s Elife S5.1 has been recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as slimmest smartphone in the world.
  • H – HTC going to collaborate with Google Nexus to introduce Tegra K1 Tablet.
  • I –  iOS 8 update is available.
  • J – Jivi brings India’s ever cheapest Android phones – Jivi JSP 20.
  • K – Karbonn has launched Android One at affordable price emphasizing Everyone To Have smartphone.
  • L – Lava launches its Self-ie focused Iris X5 with front flash. While LG launched its G3 Beat Smartphones with laser auto-focus camera.
  • M – Motorola makes Moto X [2nd Gen] available in India.
  • N – Nokia’s dominance in the mobile market is now a thing of past.
  • O – One Drive now offers 15 GB free space as sign up bonus.
  • P – Panasonic is again in news for launching World’s first camcorder capable of recording 4K 60p/50p images onto SD card.
  • Q – Quick Office comes with pre-installed Android Kitkat now.
  • R – Reliance Industries Limited’s chief Mukesh Ambani has been named as the richest person in India for 8th consecutive times by Forbes.
  • S – Samsung launches Smart Learning – India’s first Education Store under its MSC Division.
  • T – Looking for ‘ T ‘? Guess what! Is it Toshiba? Nope…! 🙂 TechReviewPro has been launched – Big news for tech lovers.
  • U – Ubuntu users can now use their favorite operating system in touch phones as Ubuntu is ready to launch its first smartphone.
  • V – Videocon’s new Infinium Series smartphones are now available in the market.
  • W – Windows 10 has been launched last day. Microsoft surprises everyone with their counting style of 7, 8, 10 – there is no 9 in their number system.
  • X – Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone goes out of stock after being sold out within 13.9 seconds.
  • Y – Youtube offers saving videos in offline mode now. Also, Google is planning to launch Youtube Music service.
  • Z – Asus’s Zenfone 6 is well competing with popular smartphones of the year like HTC Desire 820 and Moto G etc.

And what else?

People on earth are looking for life on Mars and India’s first Mars Mission has been successful. So these are some of the great things of this decade.

Let me not make it only for tech lovers. In the blogging world, SEO King Matt Cutts is ready with another Google Panda Update[4.1]. Mark Zuckerberg’s shocking changes in Facebook algorithms has disappointed internet marketers all over the world. So these are some of trending things.

But you know, what is the greatest invention of this decade?

Yes, I think you guessed it right. It is launching of TechReviewPro – A Pro Review Blog for Tech Lovers.

And you are going to love it!

That’s all for today! Do come back and enjoy free stuff here.

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Thanks !

Yours Sincerely

TechReviewPro Team


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