How Google Plus Became 2nd Most Popular Social Media Within 3 Years?

Who doesn’t wish to have +1(one more) in almost anything or any activity in daily life ? Obviously everyone. This wish of +1 is natural. But this +1 got a proper global name and fame when one of the top most brand of world – Google announced the launch of  Google+ on June 28th, 2011.

The idea behind +1 was to design something that may compete with Like button of social networking giant Facebook. It was the time when none would have imagined that Google+ will become 2nd most popular social media within 3 years only.

Happy Birthday Google Plus - Most Popular Social Media Site

Happy Birthday Google Plus. Image Credit [SeenBest]

The first reaction of many knowledgeable persons after the news of launch of Google Plus was – “Google+ is yet another name in the large list of social media. Leave alone to compete with Facebook, it not going to go even close to Facebook.”

How Google+ Became 2nd Most Popular Social Media Within 3 Years ?

While few months back, Google+ celebrated its 3rd happy birthday. Now, it is the world’s second most popular social media also <Source>.

Recently, I came across this info-graphic via Digital Information World and I’m really amazed by the surprising growth and success of Google+ so far.

Google+ 2nd Most Popular Social Media Site

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Google Plus has achieved immense growth and success so far during in its initial 3 years. No doubt, Google Plus is second most popular social media platform of the world. But still Google Plus has a long way to go in order to compete with Facebook.

Despite the fact that there are some demerits of Google Plus like poor website design and large number of inactive users, it is still beating others with its some unique feature like free video calling (hangout) and SEO friendliness.

Being a blogger, what is like icing on the cake about Google Plus is – Google Plus let’s you claim authorship of your content and a content having more +1 counts is more likely get high ranks in search engines.

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