Top 10 Cool New Android Apps of the Month September 2018

Android is an amazing platform because of crucial apps and games available on the platform. Play Store has got a huge number of apps and games but not all are good. That’s why every month we bring top 10 cool new Android apps for you. Welcome back to another episode of top 10 cool new Android apps of the month.

In case you are new here, let me tell you, this is an ongoing series of presenting you with top 10 best Android apps, android games, as well as iOS apps and iOS games. Every month we review 10 of the best apps and games separately. These apps are selected based upon various categories like social, health, learning, entertainment, customization, etc. and we present them in a random order.

So with that being said, get ready for 10 of the cool Android apps of this month and Without wasting any more time, let’s start!

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Top 10 Cool New Android Apps of the Month September 2018

What you see below is a video embedded from our YouTube channel. Watch this video to see the working and demonstration of these top 10 best new Android apps of the month Septembber 2018.

1. inFact – News, Facts, and More

InFacts - Best Cool New Android App of the Month

Starting today, we have InFact which is an amazing app to sharpen your brain. InFact is like a news app that combines important news and fun facts to make you more knowledgeable in around the globe. It brings news and facts in the form of cards. You can slide up for a new card or swipe right to read in details. From the topic tab, you can choose from various categories based upon your interest. You can also create your profile and build your fan following.

2. Starless Amoled Wallpaper

Amoled Wallpaper - Best Cool New Android App of the Month

Next up we have Starless Amoled Wallpaper which brings amazing wallpapers from various categories like Super Hero, minimal, abstract, nature, typography etc. You can tap on any wallpaper and download it on your device. It also allows you to set wallpaper on the home screen as well as the lock screen by one-tap set wallpaper button. The app is not so popular but has got a good collection of some cool wallpapers. That’s why Starless Amoled Wallpaper is our wallpaper app of the month.

3. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr Free Photo Editor - Cool New Android Apps of the Month

Next app we have on the list is Pixlr which is a free photo editor app for Android that allows you to take pictures, edit photos, and make a collage. It has got a wide range of tools and effects. You can play with tools, effects, overlays, stickers, and text as well. It is a very simple to use photo editor which almost anyone with basic editing skill can use to edit photos easily. Once done with editing, you can save the image or share it on your social profiles.

4. Quotes Creator

Quotes Creator - Cool New Android Apps of the Month

Coming back to another app in our list of best Android apps of the month, we have Quotes Creator which allows you create a variety of quotes from different categories. You can also choose quotes from various popular authors. You can write your own text on photos or choose from pre-made templates. Customise it to meet the look and feel, however, the way you like. And once done, save the image on your device or share directly to your social platforms.

5. Peak – Brain Games & Training

Peak Brain Games - Best New Android Games of the Month

Next, we have on the list of best Android apps of this month is Peak which a brain game and training app. It amazes you with amazing brain games to test your puzzle solving skills. You can choose your focus whether you want to improve vocabulary, problem-solving, memory, or mental agility. Once you choose, you can work on that to bring it into reality. Every game has a detailed page, telling you the skills worked on and your scoreboard. The best thing I like about this app is that it allows you to plan a schedule and set reminders for doing mental work every day.

6. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser - Best Free Android Apps of the Month

If you are tired of annoying pop-up ads harming your device, this is the browser you need. Kiwi Browser is a very fast Android web browser which is based on Chromium. It has a very powerful pop-up blocker that blocks most of the intrusive ads. Kiwi Browser also comes with Cryptojacking protection, that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency. The night mode looks cool and the best thing is: you can play videos and music even with the screen off.

7. Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch - Cool New Android Apps of the Month

Next app we have on the list of best Android apps of the month is a very popular table tennis game. Table Tennis Touch brings amazing gameplay of Table Tennis court to your pocket. Now, you can play Table Tennis anytime and anywhere on your Android phone. Serve, spin and smash your way to glory. The game has got amazing swipe controls, high-speed gameplay, and very high-quality graphics. Work your way through clubs to rise through ranks and build a career.

The higher point you accumulate better chances of entering in upper-level tournaments like National level and international level. There are many trophies to collect and the best thing is that it doesn’t require the internet connection. Once download and install it, you can it play completely offline like any other offline Android game.

8. Life Hacks

Life Hacks - Best Android Apps September 2018

If you want to improve your lifestyle with the daily dose of life hacks, tips, and tricks, then Life Hacks app is a must for you. It has got a collection of thousands of reliable life hacks that aim to teach you important life lessons. You can choose from various categories like relationships, parenting, life tips, daily-life solutions, food & drinks etc. It presents life hacks and tips in the form of cards. You can swipe left or right for more cards. If you like any, you may bookmark it, or share on other platforms. However, it’s not limited to that only. You can also play some cool games from the games tab within the app.

9. Ringtones Top 100

Ringtones Top 100 - Best Ringtone Maker App of the Month

Next app we have on the list is a cool ringtone app for Android that offers a good collection of ringtones and wallpapers. Though it has a very limited number of wallpapers, most of them are amazing. However, when it comes to ringtones, it has got a collection of more than 100 ringtones and I liked most of them. You may preview any ringtone or simply tap on it, to set it as the ringing tone for calls, notifications, contacts, alarm and more.

10. Flow Free

Flow Free - Best Android Apps of the Month September 2018

Last but not the least, we have Flow Free which is a very simple but addictive puzzle game. The gameplay is very easy as you have to connect all the matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Following the same rule, you have to pair all colors and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. There are more than 100 levels to challenge yourself. But what’s more interesting is that you can race against the clock in time trial mode and that’s where things get difficult.


So these were top 10 best Android apps of the month. Which app are you going to try? Do let me know in the comments below.

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