How has Crowdfunding Affected Tech Industry Globally

Crowdfunding is a way to raise cash for your startup or business with a little help from crowdfunding platforms. These places help you meet thousands of people, some who are willing to invest in business ideas. Crowdfunding platforms raise billions of dollars annually to fund budding entrepreneurs with hundreds of product ideas. This money allows peoples' ideas to meet reality. [...]


From the rising virtual reality headsets, to Google turning Cardboard into a virtual reality experience - as well as HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens - there is no doubt that Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest 'next generation' thing that is quickly gaining momentum. The ever-changing gaming environment, coupled with the inclusion of innovative VR, has [...]

How has Future of Tech Affected Your Industry Globally

If you take a look at our "Pro-Views" section, you can read the views of various popular names who are experts in their respective industries on a wide range of tech topics. Throughout the various interviews, you'll notice that technology has affected or changed almost every industry on a global level, whether directly or indirectly. So no matter what [...]


Over the last decade or so, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various other mobile devices have become smaller, sleeker and smarter. From making a call or text, to scanning documents or collaborating with co-workers, there is no-doubt we are completely surrounded by mobile devices. Having said that the introduction of mobile technology has raised our [...]

The increasing number of selfies shared by celebrities on the internet, as well as ever-growing likes, comments, tweets, and fan-following etc has already proven that technology has entirely changed celebrity culture from around 8-10 years ago. Thanks to an increasing number of internet users, it has become more convenient, quicker and easier for celebs to connect to their [...]

How Consumer Behaviour Affected Advances in Technology on Global Scale

With ever-growing consumer requirements, and companies on their toes trying to meet expectations, the phrase "the consumer is king" has never been as true as it is today, in this era of modern technology. Technological advances have meant that we have seen some substantial changes in consumer behaviour on a global scale. We wanted to know how consumer behaviour affected [...]

Apple-Pro-Views - How Apple Changed Consumer Behaviour

Ranked as 12th in the Forbes list of World's Biggest Public Companies, there is no doubt Apple is one of the leading companies for consumer products. As most of us know Apple produces a wide variety of electronic consumer products ranging from small mobile devices like the Apple iWatch to various iterations of the iPhone to the 'always innovative' [...]


With media adapting more rapidly than ever we wanted to gain the opinion of some amazing journalists all over the world to see how their are being affected by the growth of technology within their industries. We're incredibly excited to unveil the interviews below, which  give us more insight than we thought possible from some industry [...]

How Has The Rise Of Technology and Social Media Affected Globally

The rise of technology and social media has seen many more accessible means of mass, easily accessible, global communication media that have seen an influx of terrorist groups are increasingly using social media platforms to spread their messages and further achieve their goals. Although global government authorities are making huge strides to diminish the affect of [...]


A report from recently showed that Newspaper weekday circulation has fallen by 19% since 2004. With digital media taking its largest share over the market, as well as the reader's mind, we wanted to know how digital media has affected publishing on a global level. And what could have been a better way to [...]