Best Gnome Shell Themes - Top 10 Best Gnome Shell Themes to Beautify Gnome Shell

Let’s face it; Gnome Shell doesn’t have the best design out there. I’m sure you can think of many ways to make it look better, but the reality is that you’re stuck with that design. Or, are you really? If you would rather look at anything besides the custom Gnome shell themes that Gnome comes [...]

Reliance Jio Speed Cap Solution to Bypass 1GB Data Limit

Reliance Jio has brought a new revolution in the telecom industry with its high-speed 4G data offering. The telecom company started with its lucrative offer of unlimited free 4G data at high-speed offering as welcome Jio offer and soon became one of the leading telecom brands in India. With the record-breaking large number of users switching to Reliance Jio, it [...]

Internet Speed Up Tips - 10 Internet Speed Up Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Slow Internet Experience

Having a slow internet connection can be a real nuisance – especially if you’re in a hurry. The frustration caused by a slow internet connection is unmatchable. If you’re an everyday internet user, you might have encountered countless situations where slow internet speed of your connection gets into the way of your productivity. Luckily, many [...]

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