how to keep android device secure - android security tips and precautions to keep your Android phone secure

It used to be expensive to make things public and cheap to make them private. Now, it’s expensive to make things private and cheap to make them public. Well, it’s the truth. And, the crooks made it possible! So, do not underestimate the I.Q of the crooks. And, on the other side we have the [...]

CyanogenMod - Best Custom ROM for Android - Best Android Custom ROM

Android is really something! Not only it is the most used Smartphone platform, it also has a big amount of passionate developers working on it — both from Google and from the huge-enough world of Open Source. It’s because of such diversity that we have enough alternatives when we are fed up with the bloatware [...]

How to Lock Apps on Android - Top 5 Best App Locker for Android

Concerned about privacy? You are not alone! Every individual is nowadays proactive towards privacy. And, to talk about the most popular mobile operating system – “Android,” security & privacy is definitely needed (Trust me!). Well, it’s just a theory, but in real life, some friends try to sneak into your phone and also snoopers who [...]

Screenshots are visual representation of your device’s interface and can be extremely useful in various situations. Most of the advanced digital devices are capable of taking a screenshot, and you don’t need to pay separately for this feature. You can use this feature to give a technician an idea of the current situation of your [...]

ScanBizCards - Scan Card - Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android

These days everything is going online – from buying products or services to selling them and so is the case with business. A business card is basically a piece of cardboard or paper that contains details about the concerned person or authority or business. Business cards are very important as you cannot remember each and [...]

Best Emulators for Android to Play Your Favorite Video Games - Best GBA Emulators for Android - Best DS Emulators for Android - Free Andoid Gaming Emulators for PC

If you spent your childhood before Smartphones and Smartphone games took over, you would have definitely have put your hands on any of those video gaming consoles. There are plenty, as you know, such as PlayStation, Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA, Game Boy, N64 and a lot more. Indeed, the entire scenario of gaming has changed [...]

MoboMarket Android App Downloading - Best Alternative to Google Play Store

In the past few years, several mobile app stores came into presence offering a variety of apps for mobile users threatening Google to be considered as the best alternative to Google Play Store. Some of them, which were offering the useful apps to the Android users, became popular among the users of different age group, [...]

Top 10 Best Video Players for Android to Play Any Video File Formats

Watching videos has become a very common practice to kill boredom. Not only people watch videos as everyday activity in leisure hours but also while they are traveling from one place to another. Although Android’s default video player has many powerful features with primary user interface if you want to take your video watching experience [...]

Ear Spy - best free spy app for android

Android phones have promptly made our lives easier by bringing a variety of services and utilities to our convenience, and one of them is spying (though quite rare) too. Do you know, what is Spying? Spying is simply keeping a check on something or someone for a legit purpose; and so are the spy apps for [...]

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