MoboMarket Android App Downloading - Best Alternative to Google Play Store

In the past few years, several mobile app stores came into presence offering a variety of apps for mobile users threatening Google to be considered as the best alternative to Google Play Store. Some of them, which were offering the useful apps to the Android users, became popular among the users of different age group, [...]

Top 10 Best Video Players for Android to Play Any Video File Formats

Watching videos has become a very common practice to kill boredom. Not only people watch videos as everyday activity in leisure hours but also while they are traveling from one place to another. Although Android’s default video player has many powerful features with primary user interface if you want to take your video watching experience [...]

Ear Spy - best free spy app for android

Android phones have promptly made our lives easier by bringing a variety of services and utilities to our convenience, and one of them is spying (though quite rare) too. Do you know, what is Spying? Spying is simply keeping a check on something or someone for a legit purpose; and so are the spy apps for [...]

13 Best Android Camera Apps - Paid and Free Best Camera Apps for Android

Built-in Android camera(s) are never sufficient for selfie addicts. With the selfie fever all around, don’t you hate it when your phone doesn’t capture pictures that beautifully ? After all, those happy moments aren’t going to come back. So why to loose those moments if you could take better photos using your Android phone camera ? Good [...]

How to Free Up Space on Android Devices - Simple Tips and Tricks to Free Up Android Disk Storage Space

One of the common problems all Android users complain about is: Android devices fill up very quickly as you keep adding new media files, latest apps and other necessary items of daily use. As the storage space starts filling up, it affects your Android phone’s or tablet’s processing time. As a result, you might experience regular [...]

best battery saver app for android, best battery saving app for android, what is the best battery saving app for android, best battery saver apps for Android

Android is evolving rapidly as we talk. And, with more improvements, the Android system starts demanding more battery juice to keep a smartphone operational for a longer period of time. Hence, we need a bigger battery for our Android smartphones to make it last a day. Battery draining is a common issue for every Android user [...]

Top 10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps to Record Phone Calls on Android for Free

Many a times you might feel the need of recording a phone call. There may be many reasons why you would wish to record a phone call. Whether you are dealing with customers, getting a training on Phone, interviewing someone or just having an important conversation that you would wish to reference in future as [...]

Best PDF Reader for Android - Free Android ePub Reader - Best eBook Reader App for Android

PDF is one of the most popular light weight file format of digital documents. Since more and more publishers are preferring PDF as most effective format to publish eBooks, it becomes very important to access and read PDF files on Android phones/tablets especially when we are quickly heading towards an era where smartphones are making [...]

Advanced Download Manager - Best Android Download Manager

Downloading files is an integral part of the internet, even though the world has now changed to streaming but still many people like to download songs and videos. Usually downloading on PC doesn’t seem a tedious task, since there are many third party download manager app and extensions that provide you a better downloading experience [...]

ABC Flash Cards for Kids Games - Best Gaming Apps for Android

No matter how much you love your Android smartphone, your kids love your Android phone 3 times more than you. This is the reason why your kids never miss to play their favorite Android games whenever your smartphone is free. There are many free apps for kids available in Google Play Store but we are [...]

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