7 Easy Ways to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

Cyberoam Network Security usually enforces good security measures to protect the network and the connected peers. However, when enforced by an organization or an enterprise – they usually restrict a lot of different activities on their network. I’m sure that the restrictions that follow are for the greater good – but sometimes you just can’t do something you want and you don’t have the network administrator to help allow it.

You can possibly bypass Cyberoam network security – but it depends. There’s a difference between hacking into a network and bypassing certain restrictions. The methods we are going to talk about involves tricking the network security service and breaking the access restrictions. It does not mean that you can bypass everything that Cyberoam restricts – only a couple of important things to take care of.

Of course, I would advise you to contact your network administrator to help you with the problem you’re facing if it’s urgent and your work depends on it. But, if it’s something related to accessing a restricted website or web service – we can help you do that.

Note: Cyberoam network security gets constant updates/changes to the way it manages the network – so the methods to bypass Cyberoam network security could no longer be valid when you’re reading this article. But, it’s worth trying.

7 Easy Ways to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

Our primary aim is to access blocked sites in a network protected by Cyberoam Network Security. So, let’s take a look at the easiest methods to do that:

1. Using Tor Browser

You can, just download the Tor Browser and access any website you want. Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox but with tons of privacy-focused features added. You should not expect the best user experience on this browser but it should help you bypass the restrictions.

It uses the Tor network to defend you against network surveillance. So, whatever you access through Tor Browser – it is theoretically untraceable and you will remain anonymous even when being able to access the restricted website.

How does it work?

When you visit a website, it tricks the web server/tracker that you are connected from a different location. And, not only that – it sends multiple locations – so it’s impossible to track your original location.

While it also utilizes the Tor IP, it is able to bypass certain restrictions of Cyberoam network security.

2. IP Address Translation

The website address is usually blocked, not the actual IP. And, the actual IP of a website might also change with time – so it won’t be possible to block it as well. So, find out the IP and enter it in the URL address bar of the browser.

You just need to try accessing a website by typing its IP Address. In order to investigate the IP address of the site, you need to utilize the command prompt on Windows or simply use an online tool to check the IP.

If you want to use the command prompt, just launch it and type in the following command:

ping anywebsitename.com (replace .com with any extension the website has)

command prompt to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

When you type this command, you will immediately get to know the IP address of the website. Refer to the image above for an example.

3. Access Archived Web pages

If you want to access a website that does not change much in terms of the content it offers – you can try accessing an archived page of it using a couple of online services.

  • WayBackMachinewaybackmachine to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

The first one would be – WayBackMachine. It is an incredibly helpful service which stores a copy of the webpage (particularly – a snapshot). Do note that you will not find an archived page of every web page of a website on a daily basis. So, you have to browse through to find something useful if you’re really interested.

  • Google Cached Page

google cached content for Bypassing Cyberoam Network SecurityAs you can see in the image above, you just need to perform a Google search and then click on the green drop down icon to select viewing a cached version of that page. Not always a cached version is present – but it works most of the time.

4. Use A VPN

cyberghost vpn to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

VPN is the easiest way to bypass restrictions. But, if your network security has Anti-VPN measures, that may not work. However, there are some popular VPN solutions like CyberGhost, which really works to get around and help you access the restricted websites.

Not every VPN works – but you should try CyberGhost VPN – it might do the trick. But, nothing’s 100%. So, you will have to try.

5. Use Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extension to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

It really depends on how your network has been configured and restricted. But, I’ve managed to get unrestricted access to the web pages by simply installing a VPN extension (or a proxy extension) -whatever works for you.

You can try SurfEasy / Zenmate and similar options.

6. Secure URL

secure HTTPS to Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

In some rare cases, if a website is usually accessed by the HTTP protocol – for example – https://techreviewpro.com

The website might even have an SSL certificate installed to enable the HTTPS protocol. So, you can try accessing the website by adding the HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Beware that the connection to the website is encrypted – but you can still be tracked by the website.

7. Utilize Google Translate

It’s a no-brainer but a very simple hack to access a restricted website without requiring a VPN or a proxy network.

Simply, head to Google Translate’s homepage – and type in the URL.

google translate - Bypass Cyberoam Network Security

After doing that, select the preferred language to translate into (whatever you prefer) as shown in the image above.

Click on “Translate” after selecting the language and the website should magically appear without any restrictions.

But, yeah, if Google translate is blocked in the first place, you should try both the local version (for example Indian domain for Indians) and the global version to check if one of them can be accessed.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the easiest ways to gain unrestricted access and bypass Cyberoam’s network security, use it for the greater good.

I’m not sure about if it’s illegal for you to try bypassing the network security at your workplace – so do your due deligence with your country laws and local authorities. And once you are confirmed use one of these simple ways to enjoy the unrestricted access to blocked websites!

Let us know how the methods helped you and if did not – did you find a workaround which we should know about?

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