Top 6 Best uTorrent Alternatives for Windows and Mac OS

There was a time when uTorrent was the best BitTorrent client you could get for your PC or Mac. It was able to allow you to download the desired torrents without much limitation or those annoying ads. Now, things have changed, and people have enough reasons not to choose uTorrent when it comes to downloading!

The reasons range from the set of damned advertisements to the junkware you get on your PC. Indeed, in this world of ad-haters, you have a better option to go for — choose an effective and best uTorrent alternative for your PC or Mac. Thanks to the passionate developers in Open World scenario.

A lot of peer-to-peer BitTorrent clients are available, but it’s about whether you choose the right one. For example, it is possible to have both web-based and PC-based solution for torrent downloading. You can choose the one you find appropriate, but we’d list the best uTorrent alternatives we have stumbled upon.

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6 Best uTorrent Alternatives for Windows & Mac OS

1. Deluge

Deluge is an awesome uTorrent alternative when you need it available on both Windows and Mac, and to be free! By the way, Deluge is also available for Linux-based computers, making it more or less a cross-platform solution to grab your torrents, quite smoothly. As a common PC user, you’re not going to have any issue with Deluge; not only due to its simpler interface, but also the familiarity. That is having said; you don’t have to compromise features when you are shifting from uTorrent to Deluge.

Deluge - Best uTorrent Alternative for Windows PC - Best uTorrent Alternative for Mac OS X

The best part of Deluge is that despite the similar User Interface it has, you don’t have any advertisements — thanks to the Open Source initiatives. There’s support for Web UI, and your all downloads and tasks are encrypted, meaning you’re somewhat safe in the long run. Also, there is even an option to install Deluge in server architecture, and remote-control is also possible. Altogether, Deluge seems to be an awesome choice when you need wide support for platforms and features too.

2. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is also a uTorrent-like torrent downloading solution, which you can use without those messing up ads! It can simply be called one of the best open source alternatives for uTorrent, thus giving you the freedom of use even without putting some damned ads here and there. Despite being open source, qBittorrent is available for a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. You don’t have to compromise features either.

qBittorrent - Best uTorrent Alternatives for Windows PC - Best uTorrent Alternatives for Mac OS X

First of all, as we said, there is an intuitive and easy-to-get-accustomed-to User Interface of qBittorrent, which does make it easier for common users. In the Windows scenario, the UI is simple enough that you can get the best torrent downloading experience without many glitches or something. There are a toolbar, sidebar and the progress bar with a lot of required information on the torrent being downloaded. So, when you need a simple-enough uTorrent alternative with not much of features, you can count qBittorrent in, for both Windows and Mac.

3. BitTorrent

In case if you didn’t know, BitTorrent is available as software to download the torrents you want! So, in the end, it becomes one of the effectual alternatives to uTorrent, with more or less the same User Interface and all. Of course, there are some perks of being a kind-of official client. For instance, you are going to get ultra speed delivery and file downloading speeds and built-in bandwidth booster, which can help you optimize bandwidth usage in the long run.

BitTorrent - Best uTorrent Alternative for Windows PC - Best uTorrent Alternative for Mac OS X

Another thing about BitTorrent is that a Pro version is also available, as the solution is from a commercial firm. If you want, you can have additional features such as BitTorrent Remote — using which you can do remote downloads and related stuff. Also, there is a subscription service you can opt in for. Quite usefully, BitTorrent is available for not only Windows but also for Mac and Android, making it one of the best cross-platform uTorrent alternatives. At any case, it’s a superb choice, we’d say.

4. Transmission

Transmission is, as itself called, a fast, easy and free BitTorrent client you can use for downloading torrents you need. Transmission isn’t available for Windows-based computers, but it can be an awesome choice when you are looking for the best uTorrent alternative for Mac or Linux. So, if you have a Macintosh or a Linux system, you are going to get a truly minimal and easy to use torrent downloading solution. That is having said; it has to be noted that Transmission is available for some other platforms as well, such as in Terminal and as a Web Client, which is a good thing for Pro users.

Transmission - Best uTorrent Alternative for Windows PC - Best uTorrent Alternative for Mac OS X

There is no scarce for features when we get into Transmission, despite its seemingly-rudimentary design philosophy. For instance, you even have the option to install Transmission on another server and control it from your PC, and the torrent part works just fine, for that matter. From the BitTorrent technical point of view, some of its features are to be noted: there’s a tighter-level encryption, port forwarding, web interface, etc. If for nothing else, you can go with Transmission for the unprecedented simplicity of the UI it has.

5. Tixati

Tixati is yet another free-to-use, extremely simple and powerful BitTorrent client that can be a good alternative you can get for uTorrent. Despite being completely free to use, you don’t have to be afraid about spyware or those mess-up advertisements, as opposed to common free stuff. Tixati isn’t available for Mac, but you can enjoy the experience in your Windows or Linux-based computer. If we are to talk about the UI of Tixati, we would call it pretty basic, as its whole panel consists of a few buttons and tabs. For instance, you can check out different sections in different tabs; it has a lot of other features too.

Tixati - Best uTorrent Alternative for Windows PC - Best uTorrent Alternative for Mac OS X

Along with the up-to-date compliance to BitTorrent standards, an extra powerful algorithm has been used in Tixati; if you need additional speed, it would be useful. Similarly, there’s a better peer-selection process, RC4 encryption for connections, in-detail management of bandwidth, IP filtering, event scheduling, etc. It can be seen that the features include both the common ones and pro ones, making Tixati suitable for different users. When we add one of the easiest installation processes into the feature list, Tixati becomes an awesome uTorrent alternative you can trust.

6. Hadouken

Hadouken can be the best choice you can make when you need a truly minimalist uTorrent alternative, which will work seamlessly on even some headless environments. It means that you can run Hadouken in a server environment and control it using another PC. Built using C++ and based on libtorrent, Hadouken is accompanied by a powerful and trustworthy algorithm, thus ensuring better download speed and consistency in the long run. One thing you’d love in Hadouken is the lower resource consumption, which is pretty much lower than most of the uTorrent alternatives you would come across.

Hadouken - Best uTorrent Alternative for Mac OS X - Best uTorrent Alternative for Windows PC

As we come to the case of additional features, Hadouken doesn’t disappoint us. For instance, there is support for push notifications — through the help of some third-party solutions like Pushbullet and Pushover. This feature will be quite useful when you’re in a headless environment. Also, you can get a few productive plug-ins when you need some additional features, and the collection is excellent and growing. Although you can get it installed on your PC or so, it’s best-suited for seedboxes and headless environments, we repeat.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

So, we have listed out six best uTorrent alternatives software you’d come across when you’re tired of using the mess-filled interface and sluggishness of uTorrent. Quite fortunately, all these tools are completely free to use, and most of them are powered by Open Source, thus making you free from spyware and the related stuff. Another thing to be noted is that some uTorrent alternatives listed here do offer a headless version. It means that you can install those tools on a server or something like that, and control it using a computer. Meanwhile, all the torrents will be available in your storage. This is a quite useful feature in some instances.

In the PC or Mac environment, you can choose as per the requirement and UI tastes of yours. For instance, Tixati can be a blend of performance and simplicity while BitTorrent can offer a uTorrent-like experience in the long run. Have you used any of these uTorrent alternatives before? If so, do let us know which one do you like most — and why.

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