7 Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes

There is nothing much helpful in designing an attractive site than a good looking theme. An attractive theme can make even an ordinary website to look awesome. Though there is a large percentage of websites running on the WordPress platform. But most of them can’t afford to buy premium WordPress themes. So there comes the need to download free WordPress themes.

And fortunately, there are some best sites to download free WordPress themes that are not only helpful in designing an attractive website or blog but also in providing it a professional touch.

Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes
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There are many free WordPress themes available on the internet which you can download. But selecting the best sites to download free WordPress themes might be confusing. And this is something where most of the beginners waste long hours moving here and there, trying this and that. If you are one, who is looking for free WordPress themes to download then hang around as I’m sharing a list of best sites to download free WordPress themes.

Top 7 Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes

The best thing about free WordPress themes is that they are free. That is why they come very handy in designing your site or blog especially when you have a low budget or an empty pocket. Check out this list of best WordPress theme directories to download free WordPress themes.

1. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is one of the most preferred among the best sites to download free WordPress themes. With over 3000 themes available, it is easy to find a theme that suits your needs.

WordPress Theme Directory - Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes

With the availability of an amazing search toolbar, you can search for themes of your choice sorted by popularity, colors, the most number of downloads, subject or niche, category, etc. Have a look at it yourself.

2. Template Monster

Are you searching for good-looking free WordPress themes? TemplateMonster is yet another place where you can find paid as well as free WordPress themes. This large marketplace frequently shares high-quality free WordPress themes with the global design community.

Download Free WP Themes - FREE WordPress Themes by TemplateMonster

Currently, TemplateMonster offers you 52 exciting WordPress themes for many on-demand niches, e.g. marketing, construction, medicine, tourism, car repair, startups, etc. Free themes from the well-loved TemplateMonster market are easy-to-edit with comprehensive settings and Elementor drag-n-drop editor.

3. FreeThemeLayouts.com

FreeThemeLayouts.com claims to have the world’s largest collection of premium free WordPress themes. It provides some of the amazing premium-looking WordPress themes for free.

Free Theme Layouts - Best Sites to Download Free WordPress Themes

There is a large collection of free WordPress themes available which you can sort by popularity, the latest as well as the oldest.

4. FreeWordPressThemes4U.com

FreeWordPressThemes4u.com has a good collection of over 1300+ themes.  You can grab a good free WordPress theme of your choice based on category.

Where to Download Free WordPress Themes

Though notice that these themes contain some sponsored links. However, if you wish to remove those links, you need to buy a license key.

5. ThemeGrade

ThemGrade is yet another popular name in the list of best sites to download free WordPress themes. With a collection of over 2500 themes, you can easily grab a theme of your choice.

Download Top Quality WordPress Themes For Free

Though many of them are paid themes, yet about 70% of them are available to download for free. You can easily search themes based on category, colors, niche, popularity, etc. and more importantly also based on free and paid tags.

6.  MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is one of the best places to grab awesome WordPress themes. Though MyThemeShop is one of the fastest-growing theme providers where one can get some high-quality themes at very low prices.

Best Site to Download High Quality Professional WordPress Themes For Cheap Price or Free

But when you sign up for a free account, they provide you access to download and use  17+ premium looking WordPress themes which are just a gift for the new members. So who knows, one among those themes might win your attention and suit your choice. So sign up and grab all those free WordPress themes.

7. TopWPThemes.com

TopWPThemes.com is yet another awesome place to download top WordPress themes for free. And more importantly, the themes at TopWPThemes.com are really of good quality and designed professionally to suit your professional usage.

Top WP Themes - Best Site to Download Premium Looking WordPress Themes For Free

Also, the themes can be distinguished based on the category of the latest, popular, and fabulous themes. Though the number of themes is limited, one reason for that maybe they prefer quality over quantity.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Though there are some limitations as well as disadvantages of using free themes over premium themes, yes, if you have a low budget or no budget, you can go for a free WordPress theme. Never the less, it would be very beneficial in providing a very attractive look to your site. And these best sites to download free WordPress themes might be of great help for you.

I hope these best sites would help you to grab your dream theme for free. However, do let me know which free theme you like most? Also, if you know any different list of best sites to download free WordPress themes – put it into the comment box below.

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