7 Best Rap Studio Apps for Android to Make Your Own Rap Beats

Okay, if you are here, you know Eminem – the rap god, right? Well, I’m certain that you love almost every music that belongs to the hip-hop genre or more focused on rap – no matter what language it is – rap songs are indeed fantastic. But, did you ever wonder that you can create your own rap beats by using your Android phone? If that’s a yes, you have come to the best place on the Internet. We have already shared beat making software for desktop users, here, we will let you know about the best rap studio apps for Android to help you make your own rap beats.

Just like singing voice editor apps, the list of rap studio apps does include a variety of applications. These apps would help you create your own rap beats, or record a rap with some pre-recorded rap beats, or simply let you play rap beats so that you can have a great time making something of your own and sing along with it.

Before we get into the list of rap studio apps for Android, let us know how rap studio apps could help you even when you are a professional (or a novice) and why you should try them.

Best Rap Studio App for Android: Is it Any Good?

Rap studio apps generally let you record your own rap. You can either make a rap beat out of it, record a rap along with an existing rap beat or simply record as a whole.

Normally, there are more technical details to it only if you follow a rap beat making app for Android (a professional one). In either case, it is just you playing around with the beat loops and usually involving a karaoke session while you record it.

Make Your Own Rap Beats with Top 7 Rap Studio Apps

Without further ado, let us jump right into the list of the apps you are looking for.

1. Battle Me – Rap Maker and Hip Hop Studio

Battle Me is one of the best rap studio apps which lets you record and share your rap with the community to get noticed. You can battle with other rappers around the world using this app for making your own rap beats. If you are lucky enough, some record labels looking for fresh talents would pick you up. A lot of people use the app which includes DJ’s and other radio personalities.

battle me - rap studio app for android - Make Your Own Rap BeatsIt is not just limited to the sharing feature with the community, you can also participate in the tournaments held from within the rap maker app itself. You will have absolutely no problem finding the beats to rap on. It contains a huge database of free beats crafted by some of the leading creators.

You can also record a video freestyle rap to share it across various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The rap tournaments also give you the chance to earn cash prizes. Along with the features offered, you get a feed to keep up with the latest happenings of your favorite rappers.

2. Rapchat: Rap Music Maker and Studio with Beats

Rapchat is a similar rap making take to Battle Me. You get to create and share your rap songs with the world through the social media sites or among the users utilizing Rapchat app. It includes a lot of beats which are perfect to rap on unless you do not want something challenging and interesting.

rapchat - Best Rap Studio Apps to Make Your Own Rap BeatsIf you make an amazing song, you will be featured on the trending list of rap songs in the app – which results in a potential fan following to keep you engaged to progress further.

The app also supports uploading directly to SoundCloud, so that is a plus here being one of the finest rap studio apps for Android. You also get the ability to utilize a notepad from within the app to record every rhyme you craft.

3. OffTop: Record & Rap on Beats

OffTop is a multi-purpose rap studio app for Android. With OffTop installed, you can record rap songs by choosing from over hundreds of unique community-generated beats or other high quality beats featured.

offtop rap studio app - Best Rap Studio Apps to Make Your Own Rap Beats

Similar to the other rap studio apps for making your own rap beats, you can share your work across a variety of social media websites. Unlike others, OffTop also lets you just create a beat and share it with the community members hoping that someone could create something amazing using that beat.

So, it’s a win-win for the creator and the rappers using the app. If you are on the lookout for some unique experimental beats to rap on – this should be the one to have installed on your device.

4. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

Walk Band is not exactly a rap studio app for making your own rap beats – but you may utilize it as one. You do not get the ability to record or share your rap song but you do get the ability to play the beats to your rap song anywhere.

Best Rap Studio Apps to Make Your Own Rap BeatsYou can get your phone connected via USB as well – external MIDI keyboard over USB is supported. The app also comes baked in with a multi-track mixer/synthesizer to enhance your work and thereby resulting in a high-quality beat creation for your rap song on the go.

5. BandLab – Social Music Maker and Recording Studio

BandLab allows you to record almost 12 tracks for a single project. So, you can utilize it as a rap studio app by including the vocals to shape it as one of the best rap songs you’ve created.

Sure, you can do that and the community will be able to look at your work. But, you also get the ability to collaborate with the musicians from all over the world.

band lab rap studio app - Make Your Own Rap Beats with Best Rap Studio Apps for AndroidWell, may be you need better instrumentals for your rap song. So, you need to share your project with the community and someone would pick up and improvise where you left off.

It is beneficial for every type of musician wanting to create something unique and original.

6. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is an expensive mobile music studio app to let you create professional music beats on your mobile. So, if you are on the go and need to create a new rap song without waiting to head into a studio, FL Studio Mobile app would help you do the job.

fl studio mobile - Make Your Own Rap Beats with Best Rap Studio Apps for AndroidWe would recommend purchasing it if you are a serious musician and have got a couple of extra bucks lying around. FL Studio is indeed a popular beat making software as well. But that’s for the desktop users. What if you want to utilize it on the go? Obviously, FL Studio Mobile makes a perfect fit – being one of the best rap studio apps for Android.

Want to make your own rap beats on the go? Use FL Studio Mobile on your Android phone to create your own rap beats.

7. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is yet another rap studio app just like the FL Studio mobile app. It is a professional music creation tool for the people on the go. So, you can create your rap music beats while you travel with this amazing app.

caustic 3 - Make Your Own Rap BeatsUnlike FL Studio, it is free with in-app purchases included. The user interface is pretty solid. It has got a lot of options for you to start creating awesome rap music.

Why wait then? Head on to the Play Store and download Caustic 3 to create your own rap beats using your Android phone.

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Wrapping Up

If you were on the lookout for the apps for rappers – there aren’t any better rap studio apps than the ones mentioned in our article. But, that might change while thousand new apps emerge at the Play Store.

There could be something other similar to the ones mentioned here with a unique user experience  – who knows what the future holds? Even if we did miss any of your favorite rap studio apps for making rap beats feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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