Top 6 Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

The proximity sensor is a useful addition to modern smartphones. By default, it has a few tasks to help with – such as turning off your screen while you are on a call and vice versa. But, there are many proximity sensor apps that make the sensor useful for a variety of tasks – hence – making your Android phone smarter.

However, not every proximity sensor app is good. So, you need to be careful though – because some of those “so-called” proximity sensor apps could end up as malware. But fret not, because in this article, we will talk about the best proximity sensor apps that will make your Android phone smarter.

If you think your Android smartphone is already smart, think twice because many proximity sensor apps are created to make your Android smartphone even more smart.

Top 6 Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

From enabling or disabling screen light to enhancing your device security by adding proximity lock or anti-theft alarm clock – you’ll find a good proximity sensor app for your every needs. However, in this article, we are listing down only top proximity sensor apps.

Download link for each of these proximity sensor apps are provided below, so you can be sure and try any app of your choice to make your smartphone smarter.

1. Proximity Lock/Unlock

Proximity Lock App - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

Locking/unlocking is the best use case with a proximity sensor. It comes in handy when your power button fails to work or if you just want to utilize your sensor and preserve your power button.

With this proximity sensor app, you just need to wave your hand to lock or unlock. You can configure it in the settings, whether it will work to only unlock/lock or perform both the actions.

2. Proximity Actions

proximity sensor app - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

Proximity actions is a wonderful app to make the most out of your sensor. You’ve seen how the sensor could prove to be useful to unlock/lock – now with this app you can do a lot more things.

You can play music, launch an app, wake up your screen, and so on. Heck, you can even toggle the WiFi or similar settings just by waving or holding the proximity sensor. Whatever you choose to do – you can set it.

You can even control the distance or the sensitivity of the proximity sensor to work with your desired actions.

3. Anti-theft Alarm

proximity sensor app anti-theft - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

I never imagined that the proximity sensor could be used in such a way. But, it is really interesting to see useful applications using the proximity sensor. Of course, you cannot avoid theft – but it is a good way to try prevent it.

There is a pocket proximity detector feature which will trigger the alarm when it detects the phone out of the pocket. No one can disable the alarm without entering the password, so if you are active – it will be easy to track down and get your phone back.

4. Proximity Camera

proximity camera app - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

Proximity camera app is yet another interesting tool to utilize the proximity sensor while making your Android smartphone smarter for surveillance or stings. Well, it sounds creepy – but it could prove to be useful at some point in time.

You can just place your smartphone anywhere – and when it detects an object close to it – it will start recording from the primary camera. So, you can keep it in your pocket or do something similar when required.

There are a few similar apps on the Play Store – but we found this one to be the most functional among them.

5. Proximity Sensor Counter

The sensor normally detects when something’s nearby. So, why can’t it count? It could be useful to count objects by using your smartphone.

proximity sensor counter app - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

Yes, I know, this application sounds lazy but you never know when you might need it. In addition, it also lets you know the distance (in cms) of the objects you count. Not everyone will find this to be helpful – but definitely something exciting to have!

6. Sensor Flashlight

When you do not need any other actions – except enabling or disabling the flashlight, this could come handy. It is a new app which is being actively maintained with which you get the ability to turn on your flashlight upon a wave.

Proximity Flashlight App - Best Proximity Sensor Apps to Make Your Android Phone Smarter

It also uses the accelerometer sensor when you try to shake the device to turn on/off the flashlight.

Wrapping Up

These are the best proximity sensor apps that are available at the play store right now. While proximity sensors are used for just a couple of tasks like turning off the screen when on call – but to make the most out of it, you have applications like the ones we mentioned above.

I would want you to be extremely careful while installing such kind of apps – because they are not maintained by big developer teams (or simply not actively maintained). So, review the permissions and check the reviews if you plan to explore more such apps.

Let us know your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

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