Top 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

When you are walking out to someplace alone, you need to notify your family and friends about it usually. It’s a common thing most of the people do. Also, if you don’t have the self-confidence to approach a new place (may be a weird one), you might choose to go with a colleague to feel safer. Nowadays, there are personal safety apps for Android to help you along.

Well, we are talking about Android app primarily because most of you own one ( a majority of the users). There is no doubt that iOS devices offer personal safety apps on the App store, but we’ll be just mentioning the best personal safety apps for iOS at the end of the article.

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Top 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

Now, assuming you have grabbed an Android device to visit somewhere, you can take the help of several personal safety apps for Android that we have mentioned below.

1. Circle of 6 U

Circle of 6 U is an innovative take on personal safety apps for Android. The app has been appreciated for the creativity and efforts put into it by the developers.

circleof6 - personal safety apps for Android - Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

A useful addition to your device if you are limited to a large college campus or head out somewhere late at night. You will have just to select 6 of your best friends whom you can trust with your life. It’s human nature; not everyone would come forward to help you out. So, you should be choosy to select a friend in the circle of 6.

It also connects you to some specific 24×7 hotlines which would come pretty useful. Besides, it also offers you help on getting better relationship advice.

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2. Companion Safety App

Companion Safety App is a pretty simple app which proves to be useful. The user interface looks quite similar to Google Maps. You will have just to put the destination where you want to head out.

Interestingly, your friends here do not need to have the same personal safety app installed to make it work. Your location can be shared with everyone you add, no matter if he/she has got the app installed.

companion - personal safety app - Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

Usually, being a human being, you panic, and you forget. So, the Companion Safety App notifies and asks you whether you are “OK” or not. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, you should let the app know, and it will do the rest. Also, if you are in a familiar place but still caught in an awkward situation, you can search for the nearest dispatcher to help you along.

3. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Family Locator is one of the most engaging personal safety apps for Android. Well, not exactly “personal safety app” but also keeping your family connected and you guys can look after each other.

There is no limit on getting connected to your friends or family, connect with as much as you want. But, make sure of not making a mess out of it. You can check-in instantly with any place you visit to keep your connections updated with your present location. Did your connection forget to check out your current location or status? Do not worry! This personal safety app has got your back. Family Locator sends real-time text messages to your connection when you reach or leave marked destinations.

personal safety app for android - family locator - Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

You can even chat within the app. So, you won’t have to search for a conversation through WhatsApp, because you can access quickly to the necessary discussion threads from within this app. Also, it doesn’t mean that if an app is meant for safety so it won’t be flexible enough. This app utilizes your connections to your family and lets you share specific lists (like grocery lists and so on.)

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4. Guardly Mobile

It is somewhat an advanced approach to personal safety. Guardly proves to be useful for enterprise Employees, staff, workers, and guards. It is not meant for personal use primarily, but you can turn it into your personal safety app.

guardly mobile - personal safety app - Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

For instance – you are an employee and want to connect to the security guards informing about an urgent situation. But, you are instead stuck, or far way from reaching him out quickly. So, you connect with him in real-time with the help of Guardly.

Every company can adapt to different configurations and setup for making it more convenient to use.

5. bSafe – Personal Safety App

bSafe is a real simple app offering multiple features to enhance personal safety. You can get started by signing up using the mobile number, or you could just log in through Facebook.

After you are done signing up for the app, you can add your friends as your guardians to help you out when in need. To feel safer, you could walk home with your friends “virtually.” So, inviting friends to walk you out home is always an additional precaution for your safety. When you have reached the desired location, you can check in using the app which would let other friends connected to you know that you are safe.

personal safety app - bsafe -Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

If you get to know that one of your guardians is nearby, you could approach him/her and continue moving to your destination with him/her. You can also set an automatic time which would alert your friends if you have not checked out on time, possibly there could be a reason to be informed.

6. SafeTrek – Hold Until Safe

SafeTrek is an interesting personal safety app for Android. The app offers interactive ways and predictive ways to know whether you are in need of help or not.

You just need to have the app opened or either way, you need to press the button the app offers to let police know of your current location and notify them that you need help. It also deploys predictive ways, like you need to enter your 4-Digit PIN within 10 seconds, if you are not able to do so, the app immediately notifies the police.

safetrek - best personal safety apps for Android- Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

This personal safety app is very easy to use, and it’s a light app without draining much of your battery (which is a good thing!). However, it isn’t a free safety solution for your device. It requires a subscription fee of $2.49 per month to maintain the cost of their call centers.

7. Vith U – V Gumrah Initiative

Vith U is one of the most excellent apps developed in India. However, if you move out somewhere else outside India, it won’t function as expected. You will have to add multiple contacts as receivers or guardians.

virth u - personal safety - Best Personal Safety Apps - 7 Best Personal Safety Apps for Android that Everyone Needs for Safety

It only offers an emergency service of sending out messages every 2 minutes to the receivers you have set. To achieve this, you need to press the power button for two times.

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Now that you have known about the best personal safety apps for Android, you should get started by installing it on your device or encouraging your friends and family to use it. You never know it might come very useful sometimes.

Did we miss any of your favorite personal safety apps for Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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