Top 6 Amazingly Best LaTeX Editors for Linux

LaTeX editors are considered to be the superior document editors when it comes to scientific documents or academic book creation. Of course, if you utilize a WYSIWYG editor – it will be easier to write or format in some cases.

However, it becomes cumbersome when trying to add mathematical symbols or proper formatting for a research document or academic paper when using a general document editor. With LaTeX editors, you get a variety of commands that simplifies the document creation in a particular manner.

Heck, even the editor we are using to write this article is not a LaTeX editor. So, you should note that the LaTeX editors for Linux are meant for a specific group of people with specific requirements. In this article, we shall take a look at the best LaTeX editors available for Linux.

How to install LaTeX Editors on Linux?

You can directly head into the official website of the LaTeX editors that we mention below. Or, you can look for it in the software center or app store.

Of course, that depends on whether you prefer the snap store or simply the official package. In either case, downloading a .deb file and installing it should not be an issue.

If you face any issues, you can let me know in the comments below (and also make sure to check the official documentation with installation instructions – if there’s any).

In case you prefer Flatpak, you will have to search if they provide one.

What are the LaTeX commands that you should know?

Did I mention about using LaTeX commands to format and compile your document, right?

So, what are those LaTeX commands? Where can you learn about them?

Well, hundreds of online resources available. But, we recommend you to check out Overleaf’s LaTeX commands page being one of the easiest ways to learn about it.

Top 6 Best LaTeX Editors for Linux

Do note that this list is focused on the best LaTeX editing applications available for Linux. Some of them might be also available for Windows or Mac.

Note: The list is in no particular order of ranking.

1. Overleaf

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best Online LaTeX Editor

Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Online editor
  • Document history available

We kick off the list of LaTeX editors by mentioning some of the easiest and most flexible ones available. Overleaf, here, is an online LaTeX editor which is very easy to use and does what a standalone app would do.

In addition to all the common features a LaTeX app features – it also lets you collaborate in real-time and also offers to check the document history (to review the changes or rollback when needed). If you don’t need to hassle to install a LaTeX editor on your Linux machine, this is the best browser-based online LaTeX editor solution to go for.

2. Authorea

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best Free Online LaTeX Editor

Key Features:

  • Integrations with Jupyter, Plotly and a couple more
  • Supports version history
  • Ability to add rich media for web view

Authorea may not be only an online LaTeX editor – but it does support the same. If you want to cover and publish a few research pages, Authorea is a good place to start with.

It offers some unique perks like generating a Digital Object Identifier for anything you publish. So, you can somehow protect your research papers. In addition to that, it supports Jupyter, Plotly, and a couple more integrations to make things easier.

3. Texmaker

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best Free LaTeX Editor

Key Features:

  • Free cross-platform LaTeX editor
  • Unicode support, spelling checking, and code completion

Now coming to the standalone applications available. Texmaker is one of the best cross-platform LaTeX editors available. You can obviously install it on Linux and Windows/Mac too.

It supports code folding, code completion, spell checking and Unicode support too. Also, an integrated PDF viewer so that you can preview your document before finalizing it.

4. LyX

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best LaTeX Editors

Key Features:

  • An open-source LaTeX editor
  • Easy to use interface

An open-source LaTeX editor which is available for multiple platforms. In addition, it supports structured document creation just like any other decent LaTeX editor. So, you do not need to spend time fixing the margin or space – just focus on the content and the type.

Other general features include the support for exporting the document as PDF, LaTeX, and so on. You can also add rich graphics media to the document as necessary.

5. TeXstudio

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best LaTeX Editor

Key Features:

  • An open-source LaTeX editor
  • Integrated PDF viewer
  • Multi-cursor feature – which lets you edit multiple positions at the same time

TeXstudio is yet another impressive open-source LaTeX editor for Linux. It is also available for other major operating systems. The user interface is quite nice and user-friendly. Of course, just like every other LaTeX editor, it also supports mathematical symbol when you are working on a research paper or an academic book.

It includes an integrated PDF viewer, supports syntax highlighting, reference checking, and a couple more assistant features to help you quickly work on a document. You can also add images and along with that, you have the auto-complete feature which makes it faster to type in commands.

6. Gummi

Best LaTeX Editors for Linux - Best Free LaTeX Editors

Key Features:

  • An open-source LaTeX editor
  • Simplest LaTeX editor for Linux

Unlike some other editors, Gummi has been primarily tailored for Linux and is not available for other platforms. It may not feature a lot of options – but does the work expected.

If you do not want a big set of features on your LaTeX editor and you prefer a stripped-down version (or a simple version) – Gummi should be your preference. It is a very simple LaTeX editor which is easy to use and does all the basic tasks you would expect from a LaTeX editor.


While there might be hundreds of different LaTeX editors available for Linux. These are the ones that we think are the most useful tools of the bunch.

Every LaTeX editor offers something different. Unless you are looking for something very specific, you should be good with any of the popular LaTeX editors for Linux, mentioned in this article.

In case you have a favorite and we haven’t mentioned it here – let us know about it. Also, what features do you normally look for on a LaTeX editor?

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