Top 10 Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Sending digital documents isn’t an uncommon thing anymore. However, you need to still sign these documents, of course, digitally. A valid digital signature is a quite critical and important thing, hence, you need to be a bit careful while signing any document digitally.

Businesses and individuals often trust DocuSign to trust any document digitally, and rightly so. You can quickly sign your documents digitally and send them to the receiver by using DocuSign.

However, there are several free DocuSign alternatives, much more efficient than DocuSign, on which you can count to sign documents digitally.

So, what are the best free DocuSign alternatives? And why do you require an alternative program like DocuSign when it has covered it all for you? Keep reading to get your answers.

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Why Do You Require DocuSign Alternative?

First things first. Why do you require DocuSign alternative? Check out the reasons to use the alternatives of this amazing Digital Signature tool below.

1. Access to Advanced Tools

This is the first and major reason why you must look out for the DocuSign alternative. There are several tools available in the market that provide advanced features and tools like analytics, which is quite useful for any business.

Largely, DocuSign is only about digital signatures. While there are several advanced DocuSign alternative tools available with built-in tools that you can use not only to digitally sign a document but for several other applications as well.

2. Better User-Experience

No matter which digital signature tool you use, user experience does matter. Customer service largely decides the user experience. Well, DocuSign comes with amazing customer support, but sometimes, it takes time to resolve your issues, which might mean delays for you.

There are DocuSign alternatives that come with instant customer support, which can help you get resolves to your issues in no time. It would mean a better user experience for you, which is, of course, a great thing.

3. Cost

DocuSign does cost $10 per month. However, there are several free digital signature tools similar to DocuSign available, which can save a few bucks for you, and you can invest them in something more valuable. Hence, the cost is another major reason why looking out for a DocuSign alternative is a wise thing.

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Top 10 Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Go through some of the best free DocuSign alternative programs like DocuSign to digitally sign your documents below.

1. SignRequest

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use digital signing tool, SignRequest is worth giving a try. The user-friendliness of this digital signature tool has made me recommend SignRequest here.

SignRequest as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of SignRequest:

a) Firstly, the interface of SignRequest is quite amazing. The interface of this DocuSign alternative software ensures a high user experience for you when you use SignRequest.

b) All documents and signatures here are 256 AES encrypted. Hence, you can count on this DocuSign alternative software program for the very important security aspect.

c) The digital signature software integrates with several major platforms like Zapier. It means the availability of several advanced features and tools for you.

d) SignRequest promotes team collaboration. Hence, you can work with your team using this digital signing software tool, which definitely makes things easy for your business.

2. Signaturely

Signaturely is another DocuSign alternative electronic signature tool that allows you to upload your documents in a simple way and sign them easily.

Signaturely as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of Signaturely:

a) Signaturely is an electronic signature tool like DocuSign that helps you keep things simple. As mentioned, it allows you to upload documents and sign them digitally and legally in quite a simple way. No extra effort is required!

b) You also get a template of several document forms here. Hence, if your document isn’t prepared yet, and you are running out of time, you can use these templates to prepare the documents.

c) Signaturely comes with automatic reminders. You always know which documents are signed, and you keep on getting reminders for the documents that aren’t signed yet.

d) This DocuSign alternative software platform offers seamless collaboration. You can sign the documents here, and send them to one or multiple signers for their signature. No need of emailing them separately.

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3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is one of the most popular digital signing platforms like DocuSign, trusted by numerous businesses all over the world. The DocuSign alternative software has been a reliable platform for creating, signing, and managing documents for a while now.

PandaDoc as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of PandaDoc:

a) PandaDoc does help with seamless collaboration. You can sign the documents with PandaDoc and then share them directly from here.

b) You need not worry about the security of your documents with PandaDoc. The platform maintains the confidentiality and legality of your documents to the fullest.

c) The advanced analytics of the platform helps you get insights into the aspects like real-time metrics and engagement metrics.

4. EverSign

EverSign is another DocuSign alternative electronic signature tool that you can, not only use, to sign your documents but also manage them effectively. In other words, unlike DocuSign, this DocuSign alternative tool is a complete document management app.

EverSign as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of EverSign:

a) EverSign effectively integrates with several document management apps. Hence, you get access to several advanced built-in features and tools of this software.

b) The platform comes with high-level security for your documents. Hence, you can stay assured of the fact that your documents will stay confidential and completely secure with this platform.

c) EverSign effectively uses a powerful and efficient API that automates your documents with extreme ease.

d) Using this DocuSign alternative platform is quite easy. Even if you are a beginner, you can use it without any sort of technical complexities.

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5. Zoho Sign

If you are a business that has a database to manage, which almost every business has, Zoho might not be an alien platform to you. Zoho offers numerous applications, and Zoho Sign is one of them, which is one of the best alternatives to DocuSign.

You can use this built-in Zoho Sign tool as a complete digital signature tool, just like DocuSign to sign your documents digitally.

ZohoSign as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of Zoho Sign:

a) I loved the simple interface that Zoho Sign comes alongside. The simple interface of this DocuSign alternative software ensures that you are able to sign and manage your documents with extreme ease.

b) The platform comes with military-grade encryption. This encryption maintains the highest level of data security for you. Your documents on this platform stay completely secure and encrypted.

c) You can create your own document templates here. You can save your documents and use them whenever and wherever you want.

d) You can configure and control the workflow with Zoho Sign as you want. The platform provides you complete control over things, which is definitely a major benefit for you as a user.

6. DottedSign

DottedSign is another platform you can count on to make your business thrive. Numerous businesses trust DottedSign for managing and getting the documents signed, and the tool has never been a disappointment at all.

DottedSign as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of DottedSign:

a) Firstly, I loved the efficiency that DottedSign comes alongside. It is extremely fast and efficient, and hence, the user experience with this DocuSign alternative software is quite high.

b) The smart e-signature software solution allows you to track the real-time document status. Hence, you can stay updated with every step through which your document goes.

c) The DocuSign alternative software sends automatic notifications and reminders to the parties regarding the pending signs. As a business, it might be difficult for you to do so. This software does it for you.

d) You can customize your organization branding as you want with DottedSign. Hence, this DocuSign alternative software program offers many more applications than a digital signature.

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7. Dropbox Sign (Hello Sign earlier)

Dropbox Sign, previously known as HelloSign now comes with enhanced and advanced features that can help you to embed your eSignature into a website or app. And this works as a perfect DocuSign alternative to help you sign documents digitally.

DropboxSign as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of Dropbox Sign:

a) Dropbox Sign is extremely fast and efficient. The digital signature software by no means lag anywhere, which ensures that the important operations of your business aren’t halted at any point.

b) HelloSign comes with a very intuitive interface. Just a few clicks and you are good to sign your documents or get them signed securely.

c) The DocuSign alternative software has covered the important security factor nicely. Hence, your confidential and important documents are quite secure on this software.

d) You can use the software to automate all your paperwork and even hire employees. This DocuSign alternative software tool has multiple applications, which can really make business management easy for you.

8. Indy Contract Creator

Indy is primarily popular for contract creation, but it also provides a room where you can sign documents digitally or get them signed. This DocuSign alternative software is increasing the integrations with several advanced software, and hence, you keep on getting better things with it.

Indy Contract Creator as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of Indy Contract Creator:

a) As mentioned, along with eSignature, you can use Indy to create contracts too. Indy is much more than just digital signature software.

b) Indy integrates with several advanced and powerful third-party software. Recently, it has integrated with Zapier and is expected to integrate with numerous other tools too.

c) I loved the interface that Indy comes alongside. You can understand and use this software with extreme ease and efficiency.

d) The DocuSign alternative software allows you high flexibility with everything. You can customize various aspects the way you want with Indy.

9. emSigner

emSigner is another reliable and top-rated software like DocuSign that you can count on to sign your documents digitally.

emSigner as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of emSigner:

a) There are numerous automation features available here that you can use to automate your documents. It reduces a lot of manual work for you, and hence, you can focus on more important things.

b) emSigner can be used to manage workflows. For instance, you can define the signing order, add or remove users, and customize the signature aspects you want.

c) After signing the documents, you can share them from this platform itself. You need not download them, and send them via email. It eventually saves you time, if you have documents in bulk.

10. GetAccept Secure Electronic Signature

GetAccept is primarily a sales automation software, but it also includes that eSignature application that you can effectively use for digital document signatures. So, GetAccept is a secure electronic signature tool just like DocuSign which you can use as an alternative to DocuSign.

GetAccept as DocuSign Alternative - Best Free DocuSign Alternatives Programs Like DocuSign

Features of GetAccept Secure Electronic Signature:

a) The digital signature software comes with several collaborative features. You can collaborate with your team and make sure that you are able to work efficiently.

b) GetAccept complies with the legal standards of all countries. Hence, you need not worry about the legality factor when you use this DocuSign alternative software to get the documents signed digitally.

c) GetAccept integrates with several advanced tools and is expected to integrate with more such tools. Hence, you are assured to get the best and something advanced here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best DocuSign Alternatives:

What are the things I should keep in mind while selecting a DocuSign alternative?

While selecting an alternative to DocuSign, firstly, you need to ensure that the DocuSign alternative software program complies with all the legal requirements in terms of digital signature. Then, the software must be covering all the features that DocuSign provides.

The ease of use along with the customer support offered are other important factors to check. Then, the pricing norms, if you aren’t going for a free DocuSign alternative, must be checked.

Is a digital signature valid for all documents?

No! A digital signature is not valid for all documents. Every document comes with its own requirements. Sometimes, the country’s laws come into the picture too. You need to know them exactly to ensure that you don’t go wrong with signing the documents.

Does eSignature software allow me to send the documents to get them signed?

Most of the eSignature software does allow you to send the documents to get them signed. However, it’s necessary that you check out the applications of the digital signature software before you select one to ensure that your requirements are covered.

Does digital signature increase the risk of fraud?

Yes, digital signature increases the risk of fraud to some extent. However, with some alertness and awareness, staying away from any fraud or illegal activities is quite easy. Make sure to verify yourself once you receive the signed documents.

My documents are quite confidential. Are they secure on the above-listed software?

Yes. I have made sure that I list only the software that covers the security factors and comes with high-level encryption. Hence, you can stay ensured of the security of your documents when you upload them on any of the above-listed DocuSign alternative software programs.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

DocuSign is simply an amazing software, but there are many alternative software like DocuSign, that can help you work with a bit more efficiency.

You can count on any of the above-listed DocuSign alternative software tools if you are looking for the DocuSign alternative. Each of the above-listed software is feature-rich, secure, and efficient.

So, with what DocuSign alternative are you going? Do you have any other option in your mind that you feel can be a good alternative to the DocuSign software program that I missed out on here? If yes, do let me know.

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