Top 10 Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Custom Brochure

Brochures have been one of the most effective ways of marketing the products and putting important details about them and the company.

Brochures can make it easy for you to market your business considerably. It gives you a great platform to use some catchy and inviting texts in the form of headlines and descriptions, and give relevant information about products and your services.

There are plenty of paid and free brochure maker software options available that can help you out with designing brochures to a considerable extent. I have analyzed some of the best options below. Do read them out, and figure out which brochure maker software fits your bill the best.

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Top 10 Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Go through some of the best brochure maker software options to ensure that you select the best option for yourself.

1) Canva Free Brochure Maker

Canva is the most popular and the first brochure maker software in my list that you can effectively use to design brochures with ease. The reason for that is the simplicity with which it allows you to create a brochure design of your choice. With the Canva free brochure maker tool, you get numerous options to edit and customize your brochure and design one with perfection.

Canva Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Canva Free Brochure Maker:

a) Canva brochure maker is a tool for everyone. Be it professional or non-professional, you can use Canva with extreme ease and efficiency.

b) Making a brochure is quite easy with the Canva brochure maker, even for beginners who have never designed a brochure. And that is because of the several pre-made brochure templates that Canva brochure maker offers.

c) If you are using the Canva brochure maker tool, you give yourself a strong platform to customize your brochure the way you want and ensure that your brochure caters to your requirements and vision perfectly.

d) Not only brochure designs, but Canva has several powerful design tools. Be it a simple project, or a huge one, Canva has everything in for every project type. You can count on Canva to make things easy for you to a considerable extent.

e) The amazing interface of Canva ensures that even when there are numerous options, you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused, creating a mess. It is quite clean, and you won’t be facing any trouble while using the software for designing a brochure of your choice.

2) Marq Free Online Brochure Maker

Marq, formerly known as Lucidpress is another top-rated brochure maker software that you can effectively use to design brochures online and list out your services and company information effectively.

Marq Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Marq Free Brochure Maker Online:

a) Marq online brochure maker promotes collaboration. If you are working as a team, Marq is your go-to tool to design a brochure and make things easy.

b) This brochure design software encourages you to use your creativity to the fullest, and design the brochure you want with perfection. Hence, if you are a creative bird, Marq brochure maker might be an ideal platform to use your creativity.

c) You get a large number of template options with this online free brochure maker software. Hence, you get plenty of options to design brochures according to your vision.

d) The editor of Marq brochure maker software is quite intuitive. Designing a brochure with this software is not only easy but fun too.

3) Vistaprint Brochure Template Designs

Vistaprint is all about template design options. You get a plethora of options here, and it’s all on your requirements when it comes to choosing the best brochure template for your brochure design.

Vistaprint Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Vistaprint Brochure Template Designs:

a) As mentioned, you get a lot of brochure template design options with Vistaprint. Hence, you get a wide range of selection options, which is a major benefit of this software.

b) Vistaprint can be used for multiple applications. Be it brochures, business cards, roll labels, or anything, you can count on Vistaprint to cater to your requirements with perfection.

c) Using Vistaprint is incredibly easy. You can’t only design brochures within a few minutes, but also share them with ease.

d) Vistaprint is a perfect option for small businesses in every aspect. Hence, if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey, you can count on this software to match your requirements with perfection.

4) Edraw Free Brochure Maker

Edraw brochure maker comes with plenty of possibilities for drawing and creativity, and its tagline suggests the same. It is an all-in-one design software for all sorts of scenarios like flowcharts, presentations, and much more.

Edraw Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Edraw Free Brochure Maker:

a) Edraw brochure maker comes with a number of advanced tools and features that you can effectively use to design amazing brochures for your business.

b) The Edraw free brochure maker comes with an amazing dashboard. It is extremely neat, and you will enjoy working on this software.

c) This brochure maker promotes collaboration considerably. Hence, if you are working in a team, Edraw might be your ideal choice to design the best brochure in collaboration with your colleagues.

d) Edraw brochure maker is accompanied by a reliable customer support team. You can expect the customer support of this software to resolve all your queries and issues with this software in no time.

5) FlipHTML5 Online Brochure Maker

FlipHTML5 is another reliable and top-rated online brochure maker that can help you out with designing inviting brochures for your business. The online brochure design tool has been gaining immense popularity for a while, and rightly so.

FlipHTML5 Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of FlipHTML5 Online Brochure Maker:

a) FlipHTML5 brochure maker tool contains a large number of interactive elements that you can use in your brochure and make it amazing.

b) This online brochure design software is compatible with every class of devices. Hence, you need not worry about the compatibility factor at all.

c) FlipHTML5 brochure maker is backed by a strong community of users. If you face any issues, you can post the same, and the community will answer the same in no time.

d) You can even share the designed brochures on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

6) Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing

Scribus is open-source publishing software for desktop platforms that you can effectively use to design amazing brochures. The software is quite reliable, and of course, free for making brochure designs.

Scribus Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Scribus Open Source Brochure Maker:

a) I simply loved the colour options that Scribus offers. You get plenty of options with it, and you can effectively blend them to design a perfect and amazing brochure.

b) Scribus keep on introducing the updates. Hence, you get access to the advanced features of the tool at regular intervals.

c) This software also works on Linux. Hence, if Windows or Mac isn’t your operating system, Scribus might be your definite answer.

d) Using Scribus for brochure design is quite easy. You need not be a professional graphic designer to design graphics with this tool. You can do it with ease and in no time.

7) Custom Brochure Maker by Adobe

Adobe is quite a popular tool and can be used for multiple applications. Be it brochure design, business card design, banner design, or anything, Adobe has everything in for you.

Adobe Custom Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Adobe Custom Brochure Maker:

a) Adobe offers you plenty of custom-designed brochure template options to play with. You can explore each of them, and select the option that suits your business domain the best.

b) Even if you aren’t a designer, you won’t be facing any issues with using Adobe’s custom brochure maker. The interface of this software is quite easy, and you can design brochures without investing much time and effort.

c) Adobe comes with an interface that promotes collaboration to a considerable extent. Hence, if you are working as a team for creating brochure designs, Adobe’s brochure maker is your ideal choice.

d) This free brochure maker also offers you amazing effect options. If you wish to have an online brochure and add a unique element, you can give these animations a try.

8) Quark XPress Digital Publishing Software

Quark XPress is one of the oldest and most popular designing tools. You can use this graphic design and digital publishing software for various applications like brochure design, photo editing, digital publishing, and much more.

QuarkXpress Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Quark XPress Graphic Design Software:

a) Quark comes with a number of advanced and a few unique features that make it stand out from similar brochure maker software.

b) You get a free stock image library with Quark, which is quite huge. Hence, you get a number of options that you can effectively blend with your brochure design.

c) Quark is quite powerful and fast. At no point does it lag, hence annoying you with unnecessary waiting.

9) Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher brochure maker has been gaining immense popularity for a while. The graphic design software has introduced some of the best and most advanced design features that really make brochure designing simple and fun for you.

Affinity Publisher Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of Affinity Publisher:

a) Firstly, Affinity Publisher comes with an amazing interface. You will enjoy working on this software that is incredibly and neatly designed.

b) You get several Add-ons with Affinity Publisher. It implies that in the form of these add-ons, you get access to several advanced features.

c) This digital publishing software really functions in quite a smooth manner. No lagging issues by any means!

d) One thing that I found unique about this software is the tutorials. You can actually learn designing and several other things by following the tutorials that Affinity Publisher provides.

10) FlippingBook Online Brochure Creator

FlippingBook is an online brochure maker software that offers immense possibilities of customizing the brochure as you want and designing the same with extreme ease and utmost efficiency.

FlippingBook Online Brochure Maker - Best Free Brochure Maker Software to Make A Brochure

Features of FlippingBook Simple Online Brochure Creator:

a) Be it brochure design, custom branding, or video content creation, the use of FlippingBook isn’t confined to a single application. You can effectively use the software for more than one application.

b) The online brochure maker comes with a built-in lead capture form. You can collect the information about your potential leads and so to form a concrete strategy to increase the number of conversions.

c) FlippingBook brochure maker provides several tools that promote efficient teamwork. Hence, if collaboration is on your scope, FlippingBook is your definite answer.

How to Make Brochure in Google Docs?

Yes, you can design a brochure using Google Docs too. How? Well, check out the step-by-step guide to making brochures in Google Docs below. Firstly, let’s understand how to do it using the Google Docs template.

1. Visit

2. Now, open the “Template Gallery” that you will see on the upper right-hand side.

3. Now, scroll down until you see the “Work” section.

4. Here, you will see two template options for Brochure, Modern Writer, and Geometric. Open both of them, check out their design, and select something that caters to your requirements perfectly.

How to Make a Brochure in Google Docs?

5. After you select the template, change the text, font, images, and everything else.

6. Ultimately, every word and image must be representing your business.

7. After you are done with editing, go to ‘File‘ and look for ‘Print‘. You can even save the brochure in any format you want from here.

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How to Make a Brochure in Word?

Microsoft Word also allows you to design amazing brochures with ease. Check out the steps for making brochures in Microsoft Word below.

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Go to File>New and then search for Brochure.

3. Here, you will see various styles and template options. Select something that fits your business the best. After you are done selecting it, click “Create“.

How to Make a Brochure in MS Word?

4. Just edit the sample text and images according to your requirements. You can even change the theme by visiting the “Design” tab and selecting “Color” from the drop-down.

5. Once you are done with editing, save it. You can even take the hard copy of the same.

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How to Make a Brochure in MS Word All By Yourself?

If you don’t desire to go with the template option, you can also use an alternative way to design a brochure in MS Word from scratch. Read the steps to take so below.

1) Visit the “Layout” tab in MS Word, and set the Orientation as Landscape.

2) If you desire to design a double-sided brochure, add a second page to the document.

3) Now add the number of columns. If you are looking for a bi-folded brochure, add two, if tri-folded, add three.

4) Now format the text as you want. Visit Home and select font, font size, font style, etc.

5) Once you are done with editing, save the document or take a printout of the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brochure Maker Software:

What is the best way to design an amazing brochure?

A brochure explains your company and services. Hence, the best way to design an amazing brochure is to be short, precise, and crisp. Be simple with the language. Also, use graphics efficiently. Focus on quality rather than quantity. And lastly, use your creativity to the fullest to figure out the best brochure design.

How do I select the best brochure maker software?

In order to select the best brochure maker software, check out the brochure templates that the brochure maker offers. Also, the way by which the brochure maker allows designing software is essential. It has to be simple. Then, check the factors like the quality of customer service, the pricing, etc. Doing some research, and selecting the best brochure maker software won’t be much difficult for you.

Do I need to have offline copies of my brochure?

No, you don’t necessarily need to have offline copies of your brochure. Most businesses today use technology and display their business online. They just save the brochure as a PDF version online and explain the same to the clients from the device. Hence, you can just save your brochure. Having a hard copy of the same isn’t necessary anymore.

What is the ideal structure of the brochure?

You can define the structure of the brochure as per your requirements. However, the ideal structure incorporates the front panel as the company logo and a catchy headline, the body or say inner panel includes product and company details, and the last panel includes your contact details and call-to-action.

What is the ideal number of pages in a brochure?

There isn’t any ideal number of pages in a brochure. It entirely depends on your requirements. Make sure that you cover everything in your brochure. The page count hardly matters.

However, a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 are considered the threshold value for the number of pages when it comes to a brochure design. Again, no matter what the page count is, you need to cover everything in your brochure.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Designing an amazing brochure by using the best brochure maker software or online tool for making brochure design won’t be difficult for you anymore. The right Brochure maker can reduce the manual stuff to a considerable extent, hence, making the entire brochure designing process simple and quick for you.

So, with what brochure maker software have you decided to go? Or are you still having any doubts or confusion regarding the selection of the best brochure maker tool? If yes, do comment them down without any hesitation. I will respond to them with appropriate solutions in no time.

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