Top 10 Best Email Finder Tools for Finding Email Addresses

Email finder tools may look like magic at first, but they work in relatively simpler ways. As a business owner, you can use these email finding tools to find professional contact information that helps you convert leads.

The best email finder tools may use different technologies to make this possible. Often, these tools for finding emails do collect data from many sources that you could not have accessed manually.

First, you should know what email finder tools are.

What is an Email Finder Tool?

An email finder tool is a piece of software that helps you find the email address of a person on the internet. These tools are used in various industries, but marketing and recruiting are some core areas.

For instance, suppose you want to collaborate with one of the industry-leader companies. However, you do not know the email ID of the person you are supposed to get in touch with.

It could be a VP at Amazon or Elon Musk himself. You cannot second-guess when it comes to these matters. Instead, you must be clear about the exact email address of that person. It is where email finder tools find their way.

These tools will safely give you accurate information about the email ID of people from an organization. You can find any email ID by entering the first name, last name, and organization name in most cases.

As you can guess, several email finder tools are available in the market. But, of course, you have to make the best pick for your needs. How do you do that, though? Well, there are a couple of factors you may consider.

How to Select the Best Email Finder Tool for Your Needs?

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing an email finder tool.

1. Decide what’s your Purpose for the Email Finding tool

Not all email finder tools are made for all purposes. For instance, the best email finder tool for marketing may not be the best for recruiting. Therefore, you should consider the optimal purpose of your email finding needs.

2. Consider the number of Email IDs which you’ll find in

You also have to consider the number of email IDs you want to find. These could be in hundreds or thousands based on the industry. You also get to decide between one-time and recurring credits for finding emails.

3. Figure out the Pricing of Email Finding tools

You do not want to spend your entire marketing budget on an email finder tool, right? Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the overall pricing of the product and how you can save money. Most of these tools offer multiple subscription options.

4. Check the various functionality, an email finder tool offers

You can find both – advanced and simple email finder software in the market. You have to make sure that you can use the app with mighty control. Otherwise, you may put the extra features to waste.

5. Look at Additional Features you need in an email finder software

Most email finder tools are equipped with options for lead generation as well as prospecting. However, you can find minimal alternatives as well. Depending on your requirements, you will have to pick one of these two options.

With these pointers in mind, it will be easy to find the best email finder tool for your day-to-day marketing and recruiting needs. However, you have to understand a few more things about choosing the best tools to find email addresses.

Choosing the Best Email Finder Tools

While there is no doubt that an email finding tool will increase the profits from your business, not all software can help you do it. Therefore, if you want the most effective and successful lead generation system, you have to get one of the best email finder tools out there.

Top 10 Best Email Finder Tools for Finding Email Addresses

In this article, I have listed 10 of the best email finder tools you can find in the market. These tools offer standard reliability and performance on any day.

You can make the other decisions based on custom criteria you may have. For instance, you need a user-friendly UI or the ability to pick up email patterns. Some customers also look for features like API integration, email tracking, CRM integration, etc.

Do not worry, though. I had considered all these factors before I came up with the best-10 list of email finder tools.

#1 is one of the most popular email finder tools you can find today. It packs a high number of top-notch features and uses an intuitive User Interface. As opposed to many of its counterparts, uses LinkedIn to find the email ID of the person you are looking for.

You should note that is also a fully-fledged outreach automation platform. Finding emails is not the only thing you can do using the suite. - best email finder tool - best tools to find email address

The suite offers single and bulk email search options, along with domain search and social URL search. So, it ensures the maximum chances of finding the email address you are looking for.

You can also use the Chrome extension to keep tracking emails when you are doing something else. The company is also proud of its outstanding customer care. Pros:

  • Multiple searching options to find an email address
  • Ability to export content to Google Sheets, CSV and XLSX
  • Multi-level tracking for extensive accessibility
  • Additional tools like email tracker and verifier
  • Competitor Technology Checker for analytics
  • Only charges for LinkedIn verified accounts Cons:

  • Reliance on LinkedIn means accuracy could vary
  • The free plan is minimal Pricing: has five different plans, which vary between $33 per month and $482 per month.

  • The S plan gives you 1,000 verified email searches and 2,000 email address validation.
  • It also gives you access to A/B testing and follow-ups on Email Drip campaigns.
  • If you want more credits, you can check out the Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large plans.

#2 Hunter

Hunter is a more dedicated email finder tool that gets the job done quickly. The platform offers several services, and an email finder is one of the core options. You can use Hunter for domain search, author finder, and domain verifier, apart from email finding.

Using the email finder is easier than ever. First, you have to type in the name and company URL of the person. Then, Hunter will give you the results in an instant.

Hunter-best email finder tool with easy interface

You can also get many features like the Bulk Email Finder and the Email Finder API. For instance, if you’d like to have the email finding functionality in one of your apps, you can easily integrate Hunter using an API.

The company follows many criteria to ensure that the data provided about the email addresses are safer than ever.

Hunter Pros:

  • Easy-to-use email finder User Interface
  • Allows you to find domain-level emails
  • Intuitive in-team collaboration with multi-user support
  • Increased reliability due to multi-criteria search
  • Advanced technologies to verify the email address
  • Available as a browser extension

Hunter Cons:

  • The free version allows only a few searches
  • It does not have many extra features

Hunter Pricing:

  • Free Plan: 25 searches per month, 50 verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: 500 searches per month, 1,000 verifications per month, premium features: $49/month
  • Growth Plan: 2,500 searches, 5,000 verifications per month, premium features: $99/month
  • Pro Plan: 10,000 searches and 20,000 verifications per month, premium features: $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: 30,000 searches and 60,000 verifications per month, premium features: $399/month

#3 ContactOut

ContactOut is a different email finder tool with a few unique features. First and foremost, the platform allows you to find the email and phone information of more than one billion professionals across the globe. As per the official website, it is 75% of the total professionals worldwide.

For example, suppose you are going through LinkedIn. The extension will show you the email address, phone number, and other information in a single click.

ContactOut- best comprehensive email finder tool - best tool to find email address

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies use ContactOut for recruitment needs. So, when you start using this tool, you join the same group as Google and JP Morgan.

Compared to other email finder tools I have covered on this list, ContactOut is noted for its expansive coverage and high accuracy. In addition, the platform uses several criteria to ensure the validity of shown information.

ContactOut Pros:

  • Sources information from LinkedIn
  • The option to save profiles for later use
  • ContactOut Search Portal for enhanced results
  • Integration for email campaigns with Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • A rich and easy-to-use Chrome extension
  • An impressive collection of data coverage

ContactOut Cons:

  • It does not offer any extra features
  • The plans can be expensive for some

ContactOut Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: 50% of database available, 1200 contacts/year, LinkedIn only: $39 per month
  • Sales Plan: 75% of database available, 2400 contacts/year, works on LinkedIn, Recruiter Lite and Sales Navigator, Salesforce integration: $79 per month
  • Recruiter Plan: 100% of database available, 4800 contacts/year, same integration as the Sales plan, plus 30+ ATS integration via Zapier: $159 per month

#4 VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is another platform you can use to find the email address of professionals. However, the site is making a bolder promise that it can find anyone’s email address.

To get started, you can find the actual email ID of almost all employees by typing in the company name and first name. You can use this information to set up your email marketing campaign as well.

VoilaNorbert-best email finder tool for multiple needs - email id finder tools

Compared to other email finder tools I have seen before, VoilaNorbert has been optimized for different scenarios. You can use it for sales, recruiting, content marketing, PR, and business development with ease.

In addition, the verify-and-reach-out system is effective when it comes to making your campaigns reach the right people and investors.

VoilaNorbert Pros:

  • Easy to get started with
  • You can upload mail IDs in bulk
  • Easy integration options with a CRM
  • Deeper integration with HubSpot, Zapier, etc.
  • API compatibility for enhanced usage
  • Advanced email verification functions

VoilaNorbert Cons:

  • Lacks additional features
  • The Chrome extension needs improvement

VoilaNorbert Pricing:

  • Valet Plan: Up to 1,000 leads per month, 50 bulk workers: $49 per month
  • Butler Plan: Up to 5,000 leads per month, 50 bulk workers: $99 per month
  • Advisor Plan: Up to 15,000 leads per month, 50 bulk workers: $249 per month
  • Counselor Plan: Up to 50,000 leads per month, 50 bulk workers: $499 per month
  • Prepaid Plan: $50 per 500 credits
  • Email Verification Plan: $3.00 for 1000 emails

#5 Datanyze Insider

Are you looking for an email finder tool with integrated sales prospecting features? In that case, you have to check out Datanyze Insider. The company allows you to simplify the process of finding leads from a website.

For example, the Chrome extension will reveal many contact information when you click a single button. You can also get targeted prospect lists with ease.

Datanyze - best email finder tool for prospects - free email finding tools

I love the simple User Interface that Datanyze Insider comes with. You will never be confused about the next move on the interface. For instance, when you see the complete information about a company, you can click on an individual name to find their work email address.

As you can guess, Datanyze Insider uses a number of sources to confirm the authenticity of the provided data.

Datanyze Pros:

  • Easy to use User Interface
  • One-click integration with Salesforce
  • You can find the desired email ID in seconds
  • Comparatively, quicker results on fetching
  • It provides a comprehensive company overview
  • A rich Chrome extension

Datanyze Cons:

  • It lacks enriched data on the collection
  • It sometimes shows outdated information

Datanyze Pricing:

  • Lite version: 10 credits per month, available for 90 days, can find email IDs, phone numbers
  • Pro version: 1080 credits per month, all Lite features, early access to new features: $39 per month

#6 Lusha

Lusha is the best email finder tool that can help you reach more customers, convert more leads, and generate better income. Because it is more dedicated to the purpose, you can find more features in this email finder suite.

For instance, you can expect the highest accuracy rate while staying compliant with GDPR and CCPA. It also gives you valuable contacts that you can keep for life.

Lusha - best email finder tool for marketing campaigns - tool to find email address for business

Compared to other email finder software I have listed, Lusha offers multiple filtering options. It means you can convert leads and manage related aspects from a single dashboard.

With the help of Lusha, you get to simplify the process of prospecting via LinkedIn. However, it is great to know that Lusha uses sources other than LinkedIn to bring you data.

Lusha Pros:

  • Easy to master interface and features
  • It can simplify the prospecting process on LinkedIn
  • Integration options with Zapier
  • Optimized to finding and removing consumer fraud
  • It focuses more on finding personal information
  • It always comes with up-to-date information

Lusha Cons:

  • The performance is not consistent
  • Manual entry of website/names is required

Lusha Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: 5 credits per month, find emails and phone numbers: free
  • Professional Plan: 100 credits per month, contacts export, prospecting: $99/month
  • Premium Plan: 300 credits per month, bulk data enrichment, save contacts to CRM: $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: custom credits, team management, dedicated success manager, and API access.


As the name suggests, is a dedicated email finder tool from the market. You can use the tool to find the email address of a person/company in different ways.

The easiest way is to enter the name of the person along with the company name. On the other hand, you can use the central search function to find the desired email address from a vast catalogue. - best email finder tool for individuals - tool for finding email address

It is worth noting that shows only verified emails through the system. It means you can trust the information you receive from the platform. In addition to 98% accuracy, the system can verify email IDs in bulk or provide you with an API. Last but not least, you can buy hand-picked lead data from if you just want the best information to help you. Pros:

  • Intuitive and straightforward browsing system
  • Built-in search function to quickly find data
  • Built-in API and management functions
  • Shows verified email IDs only
  • Built-in verification system with a high success rate
  • You can buy targeted lead lists from Cons:

  • It could be expensive for some people
  • It does not offer any advanced features Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: 1,000 credits, API Key support, bulk import, and export: $29 per month
  • Better Plan: 2,500 credits, Phone, and email support, bulk import and export: $49 per month
  • Best Plan: 10,000 credits, all features from previous plans: $99 per month

#8 Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is another name you can trust when it comes to email finder software in the market. You can use the service via the web interface or connect the service to a CRM or another tool.

In any case, you can track down individual email IDs by entering the name and other contact information. It claims to have 97% accuracy in total.

AnyMail Finder - best email finder tool for personal email IDs - Instagram email finder tool

The platform does not have many fancy features, though. For instance, it allows you to get the basics done in a few seconds. You can enter the input, and Anymail Finder will show the results. That’s it!

You can also be sure that you are getting real emails from the system, not fake ones. What’s more, you can use an API for deeper connections.

Anymail Finder Pros:

  • A whopping 97% accuracy of information
  • Easy-to-master UI for finding email addresses
  • Multiple email ID search options
  • The platform charges you for verified emails only
  • It comes with an enhanced database for emails
  • It can handle up to 50,000 entries at once

Anymail Finder Cons:

  • Results can be a little confusing at times
  • Support could be better

Anymail Finder Pricing:

  • Free Trial: 90 verified emails, does not expire: free
  • 1,000 Verified emails: $49 per month
  • 5,000 Verified emails: $99 per month
  • 10,000 Verified emails: $149 per month (The credits will roll over to next month with a subscription.)

#9 Find That Email

I believe that Find That Email deserves a spot when listing the best email finder tools in the market right now. The company calls itself the Yellow Pages of Email, in that you can use the platform to find the IDs of thousands of professionals across the globe.

The platform sources this information from popular places like LinkedIn.

Find That Email - Email Finder Tool for Professionals to Find Emails Easily

There are a couple of ways you can use the Find That Email tool. First, you can find potential prospects from social media websites with a single click. Similarly, a Bulk Email Finder will list all the possible email IDs along with a confidence score.

The system can also confirm whether you have a valid email ID at your disposal. There are plenty of options for customization as well.

Find That Email Pros:

  • Available in four different sections
  • Reliable and responsive customer support
  • Confidence score along with the email list
  • Built-in email verification and export options
  • Easy-to-use and productive Chrome extension
  • Great at finding hidden email IDs

Find That Email Cons:

  • Pricing can be a little expensive
  • No innovative features for lead management

Find That Email Pricing:

  • Free Plan: 50 Find credits, one user: free
  • Starter Plan: 500 Find credits, Bulk Find, Social Networks support, Integrations, one user: $29 per month
  • Pro Plan: 2,000 Find credits, all Starter features, Transfer Credits, two users: $79 per month
  • Teams Plan: 6,000 Find credits, all Pro features, API access, unlimited users: $149 per month
  • Custom Plan: Up to 250,000 Find credits, unlimited users: Up to $2,499

#10 RocketReach

RocketReach claims to have the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and direct dials. So, it is easy to find the person you are looking for with the platform.

With a single click, you can access real-time verified data from 450 million professionals. The company has been active in the industry for a long while, and the services are pretty popular.

RocketReach - best email finder tool for marketing needs - linkedin finder tool - free email finding tools

There are a couple of features that make RocketReach stand out from the competition. For instance, it gives you an option for advanced search and bulk lookups. You can also enable integrations and outreach systems to boost the growth of your organization at unforeseen levels.

In short, RocketReach can be your one-place solution for many marketing campaigns.

RocketReach Pros:

  • World’s largest and most accurate collection
  • Easy-to-master design and features
  • Potential integrations with popular suites
  • API and bulk lookup solutions
  • Advanced browser extensions that save time
  • Used by professionals in different sectors

RocketReach Cons:

  • You may not need all marketing-focused features
  • The error rate can be high at times

RocketReach Pricing:

  • Essentials Plan: Limited API access, bulk list management, CRM integration: $49 per month
  • Pro Plan: Limited API access, Sync with CRMs, CSV lookups, and advanced search: $99 per month
  • Ultimate Plan: Full API access, advanced export, CSV export, enhanced search: $249 per month

I hope you loved our coverage of the 10 best email finder tools you can find today. Now, I will attempt to clear a few doubts you may have about email finding software tools.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Email Finder Tools:

What is the best free email finder?

Many email finder tools offer a functional free version. For example, you can seek options from and to understand how email finder tools work.

Which tools do you use to find verified business emails?

You can use dedicated email finder tools to find verified business email addresses. These tools will have an extensive collection of verified emails from different sources. You can access all this data with a single click.

How can I find someone’s personal email?

You can find many lead-generation platforms that help you find someone’s personal email address. You will have to provide as much information as you have about the person to proceed.

Is there a free email lookup?

Sure, you can find free email lookup solutions in the market. However, these platforms may not have all the features you need for marketing or recruiting.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

What do you think about these email finder tools? As you have seen, most of these tools offer beyond the capabilities to find someone’s work or personal email address. Instead, you can use them to fulfil multiple marketing and recruitment needs with ease.

For instance, creating an email campaign for all your potential investors is easy when you can access the best email finding tool. In the end, I believe this guide helped you choose the best option.

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