Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps that You Must Have

You get the privilege of customizing your device if it runs on Android (stock or custom ROM doesn’t matter). There is so much to it. Customize icons, status bar, fonts, and others. No matter what icon pack you are using (paid or free), the home screen background (Wallpaper) matters the most.

However, it might turn out to be your greatest nightmare if you try searching for the perfect wallpaper through a search engine (like Google), but you’ll end up getting low-res photos for your Android device. Also, there are chances that you’ll be able to find the perfect wallpaper after a lot of search queries. But, why waste time? You can directly jump into some of the best Android wallpaper apps on the Play Store and get started!

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Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps that You Must Have

So, we bring you the hottest wallpaper apps for Android that you must have to quench your thirst for an awesome wallpaper on your device.

#1. Zedge Wallpapers

Zedge is the most popular Android wallpaper apps (offers ringtones as well) on the Play Store. It provides high quality, creative, and trending wallpapers for free. Also, as you can look at the above image, Zedge is one of the Google Play Best of 2015 app which offers a variety of wallpapers, ringtones, icons and app notification sound.

zedge - wallpaper apps for android - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

Well, we have already gone through the ringtones it offers, and the wallpapers are decent as well. You can’t categorize every wallpaper provided as – “Awesome,” but without paying a buck, you get a vast collection.

It lets you save images if you’re logged in and for quick setup, you can set a wallpaper right from the app without downloading the file to your device. You can sort the pictures according to specific categories, which would be a time saver and a plus for you to get the best wallpapers out of thousands of pictures!

#2. Backdrops – Wallpapers

Backdrops is another free Android wallpaper apps as well but offer in-app purchases for extra features. This app provides exclusive wallpapers as well as social (popular & trending) wallpapers. You can directly set the desired picture as wallpaper from the app. But, you won’t be able to save it to your device, unless you unlock the pro features which would cost you nearly $1.

backdrops - wallpaper app - premium wallpaper - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

After unlocking the pro features, you would be able to save the pictures to your device. And, also, there’s a separate PRO wallpaper collection for pro users. The wallpapers offered in it looks premium and creatively unique. The developer keeps on adding regular exclusive wallpapers, and there are even more collections offered as in-app purchases just like the pro pack are unlocked.

#3. Tapet – Infinite Wallpapers

Tapet is one of the most efficient wallpaper apps for Android. Why efficient? Because it does not demand any crazy Internet data usage to function. It has an inbuilt mechanism which changes patterns and colors in a single swipe. You just need to swipe up/down and right/left to start generating infinite wallpapers.

tapet infinite - wallpaper generator for android - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

It also offers in-app purchases, and you could upgrade to Tapet premium with some additional filter tools and options. The wallpapers are created according to your device’s screen resolution to provide the highest quality possible.

#4. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper provides you with a premium collection of creative artworks for free and keeps them in the background by blurring effect. Thereby, not affecting your icon design and user experience.

muzei wallpaper - best wallpaper apps for android - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

However, to some, the blurred background image might be disturbing. The background image changes daily according to the selected option (which includes wallpapers from Muzei, from the gallery and other icon pack databases).

#5. Wallmax

As stated in the Play Store description, the app is still in beta phase. However, it is convenient to use this Android wallpaper app across multiple Android devices. How? – It supports Google+ account sync. So, you need to sign in to the app using your Google account and everything you would choose to stay in the favorites, or the list of pictures downloaded would be accessible easily. And, you do not need to worry about searching for the same wallpaper another time for another device, it would be synced across mobile devices.

wallmax - best wallpaper app android - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

It offers high-quality wallpapers and 4K as well. We can’t say that it offers exclusive wallpapers but provides an excellent collection of images.

#6. Hipster Wallpaper

Hipster Wallpaper is one of the commonly loved Android wallpaper app, which offers all the basic features for free. It provides pictures from multiple sources, and you can save them to your device at no cost. It suggests some exclusive and high-quality wallpapers.

hipster - wallpaper apps for Android - Best Wallpaper Apps for Android - Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps You Must Have

However, it also offers in-app purchases which let you unlock some happy going features like selecting wallpapers from multiple sources simultaneously, customize the picture and can pause the auto refresh option.

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

If I would go for a premium option with a limited but exclusive collection of wallpaper, that would be “Backdrops.” However, you may go for Hipster’s premium package as well. If you love patterns and color combinations, Tapet premium would be the best Android wallpaper app for you because there’s no limit on generating unique wallpapers so that you can have infinite combinations & designs of wallpapers in one app.

Which one Android wallpaper app would you choose? Did you enjoy using the ones we mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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