Top 6 Best Barbie Dress Up Games for Girls

Hold on, by now you must be thinking that a girl must have written this article – but I hate to break it to you, it is not the case. Well, even though I don’t have a personal interest in barbie dress up games – who doesn’t know about barbie dolls and barbie dress up games?

Tell me that you did not know about it. It is highly impossible that way because barbie dress up games are quite common these days. You’ll easily find small kids or little girls around you playing barbie games (not necessarily barbie dress up games).

So, in this article, I am going to compile several barbie dress up games for girls. You can either recommend this to your daughter, your little sister, or any girl interested in barbie.

Where do you find Barbie Dress up Games for Girls?

Unlike PC or console games, you will not find decent barbie dress up games on the marketplace.

So, you are mostly left out with online games or offline games that you can purchase. Fret not, you do have some official barbie games by Mattel.

The online barbie dress up games that we will be listed here is free. If you find anything on the marketplace like Steam or Epic Games, do look out for the reviews before purchasing.

At the time of writing this, there was no barbie dress up games available. But, who knows, if something might launch tomorrow – which is a decent barbie game for a girl on PC or console?

6 Best Online Barbie Dress up Games

Of course, you can Google it yourself – but you will find a lot of things listed online. Some are even fake sites trying to steal your personal information – so we would request you to be careful if you’re trying to explore new barbie games.

In either case, stick to the ones mentioned in our list and you shall be fine.

1. Barbie Fashionistas – Style your Crew (Official)

Barbie Dress up Games - Barbie Dress up Games Online

Barbie Fashionistas is one of the free online barbie dress up games available on the official Barbie website by Mattel.

It is a web-based flash game that can be played on any web browser if you have flash enabled. It will be a perfect fit if you are on a desktop or laptop.

Here, in this barbie game, you get to style your barbie character. Choose the dress, the hairstyle, the face, and so on. After you are done with the style, you will have one barbie saved and similarly add multiple barbie styles to complete your crew. Once done, you can add them all in a crew and then customize the background, add some props and finalize the style.

2. You Can Be Anything Photo Booth (Official)

Free Barbie Dress up Games - Barbie Dress up Games Online

This may not be exactly a dress up game. However, it is yet another official barbie game from the list of games you will find on Barbie’s official online game portal.

In this barbie game for girls, you will have to create a collage to go with and then keep on adding the elements available to make it a perfect picture to save. You will get icons, barbie stickers, and a lot more to add to your photo. Hence, the name – “photo booth”.

You do not get a lot of customization available for the character – but if you want a great photo, this is the best online barbie game to go for.

3. Barbie Fashion Closet (Android/iOS)

Barbie Dress up Games - Barbie Dress up Games for Girls

If you were looking for a barbie dress up game for girls, that’s available as a mobile app – this is the only one I would recommend trying developed by the company behind barbie.

Barbie Fashion Closet is the perfect mobile game if you want to style or dress up the barbie character from your smartphone – be it an Android or an iOS device.

Desktop web-browsers might look immersive but if you want to experience it on mobile, this is the best one to go with. It is similar to the fashionistas web-browser game – so you get the best of both worlds.

Download for: Android | iOS


Barbie Dress up Games for Girls - Barbie Dress up Games Online is an online portal of dress up games which also features barbie games. If we could make a separate list of games (or mini-games) available – it will be huge, so we shall point out what you can expect when you visit the website.

As you can see in the image above, when you click on a game, you will observe something like this. Maybe you will have a pre-designed character or you may have to tweak it from the ground up.

Whatever be the case, you get a lot of options to dress up your barbie character. You can put on makeup, lipstick, and also change the hairstyle as per your choice.


Barbie Dress up Fashion Games - Barbie Dress up Fashion Games for Girls

Yet another impressive website for dress up games for girls. However, in this case, you do not get a proper barbie game.

So, if you want something as an alternative to a barbie dress up game, you can explore this website for similar games that your kid might like.

Even if you do not get barbie as a character to style here, you get similar-looking characters with great level of customization available to have a makeover of the character.


Barbie Dress up Games - Free Barbie Dress up Fashion Games

If you are looking for a website similar to Girlgogames but with a couple of barbie games – this is the one for you.

You get a variety of barbie dress up games where you get to make up the character, apply different hairstyles, and customize the look altogether. You can also take it as a niche-specific game portal where you get individual games dedicated just for categories of dress up – like makeup, dressing, and so on.

Yes, you may not notice an all-in-one dress up game – but the games available are definitely fun and creative to play with.


Barbie dress up games are not available everywhere. You might get a lot of listings in Google or any search engine – but half of them are outright trash with annoying ads filling up space.

The best way to go with will be sticking to the official barbie dress up games if you are not sure about the third party online gaming portals. And, you should get the best experience when on a web browser on your desktop.

And, if you want a smartphone to do that – there’s just one barbie dress up game that we have recommended above.

We’ve tried to recommend only the best ones available without annoying ads and stuff. So, if you think we missed one of the best out there – let us know in the comments below.

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