Top 7 Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

Do you like to read or write interesting stories? You no longer need to spend tens of dollars on a library membership fee or expensive books to feed your mind. You can use Wattpad or apps and websites like Wattpad.

Wattpad is a storytelling community on the internet that lets you put your talent of writing out to the world. You can read stories from various genres, like poetry, non-fiction, romance, humor, spiritual, among many others. It is the most famous platform of its kind.

But, it’s not the only platform that lets you publish your stories and poems. There are many websites and apps like Wattpad. Here, we write about some of the best websites and apps like Wattpad.

Top 7 Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

So if you are looking for a great alternative to Wattpad, check out these top 7 best apps and websites like Wattpad.

1. Sweek – Stories Never End

Sweek - Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

Sweek is an e-library. That’s the best way to put it. We’ve found Sweek to be one of the best alternatives to Wattpad for Android and iOS users. You can find the bestselling books and novels by budding writers for free, even Jane Austen novels. Just browse the collection by different genres available.

You can follow your favorite writers and authors to never miss an update from them. You can share your opinions on their works, too. Writing contests are organized at regular intervals. If you’re not into writing, you can just become a part of the jury for these contests and play your part by liking and rating the works of contestants.

Didn’t think reading could make you social? Neither did we! So what’re you waiting for? Grab your phone and download Sweek to read unlimited serialized novels from its community around the globe. You can read them both online and offline. If you ever feel bored, just take a glance at what new’s up on Sweek!

2. Commaful – Read and Discover Short Stories!

Commaful - Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

Commaful is one of our favorite websites across all categories. Why? – You would ask! It’s because Commaful, just like its name, is a very unique and beautiful platform to share short stories in an interesting manner – through visuals. Humans love visuals, and people behind Commaful know this.

So, on Commaful, you publish fictitious stories and poetry through beautiful images. It makes reading more fun and relatable. Stories are kept short and would take you a few minutes to finish one. When times are dark, this platform can serve as an escape from reality.

If this concept attracts you as a writer, let us tell you how you can write stories on this platform. You will have to first choose images from the internet that relate to your story or scenes in your story. Then you write your story, in short paragraphs, on these images. The images needn’t be from the internet; if you’re an artist, you can draw your own scenes.

Commaful is like a mix of platforms like Wattpad and Instagram. You share your stories but in an interactive way through images and tags.

3. Poetizer

Poetizer - Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

Poetizer is yet another site like Wattpad, but unlike Wattpad, Poetizer has been specifically made to share poetry. Share your emotions with the world through poems. Poetizer provides you a safe place to share your talent with like-minded people.

Create an account, save your work as a draft, and publish it when ready. Receive praise from people around the world and continue to improve your work. Share your feedback with other members and support them. The in-built editor will suggest different ways to shape your poetry. Just tap or click on any word in your poem to receive suggestions.

Poetizer has website as well as an app where all of your activity is synced automatically so that no data is lost. There are bookmarks available too, so continue reading where you stopped reading the last time. The minimalist design of the website is free of any distractions so that you can focus on writing and editing your poems.

4. Penana

Penana - Best Apps and Websites Like Wattpad

Penana is the ultimate platform and best alternative to Wattpad. It’s one of the most interactive platforms for avid readers. You can read unlimited romantic or horror long stories on Penana. It’s also popular for fan-fiction. Go out and show your talent to the world!

Start writing and if your work’s liked by a large number of members, your name will be displayed on Penana’s charts. You can also participate in one of its many contests and win prizes. The most popular stories are displayed on the homepage. You can also search for societies, literary clubs, or stories using the search bar.

Register yourself, read stories, like them (if you actually like them) and provide feedback that can be useful to the reader. You can also access the website in many different languages, such as Chinese, Tagalog, Indonesian (Bahasa), Malay, etc.

5. Miraquill (formerly Mirakee)

Best Apps like Wattpad and Websites Like Wattpad

Miraquill, formerly known as Mirakee, is the most addictive writing and reading platform on the internet. With a concept similar to Wattpad, Miraquill lets you showcase your poems, writeups, stories, fanfics for free. You can use attractive background images to put out your thoughts in a unique way.

If you’re really talented and consider yourself a good writer, you should try writing a book. Think it’s expensive? Well, not anymore. We don’t think so. You can publish your book on Miraquill and earn a “Miraquill published author” badge to add to your list of accomplishments.

When new ideas or thoughts strike you, save them as a draft. Publish them later on. Choose a beautiful pen name and make your work searchable on Google. And, when you look up your works on Google by using your pen name followed by Miraquill write-ups, you’d have them on top of the results for the search query.

You can inspire the community on Miraquill in many languages, including Hindi, English, Urdu, French, German, and many more. It’s a very diverse app and your works can get widespread as the community is really large. There are in-app purchases too to unlock some premium features. So go ahead and wear your Mirakeean badge proudly!

6. Booksie

Booksie - Best Apps like Wattpad and Websites Like Wattpad

If you’re serious about writing and would like to publish a book, Booksie is the one for you. It’s a social platform for readers and writers alike to connect with each other. So far, tens of thousands of people have got their books, articles, poetry, and write-ups published through Booksie.

It does not have any adult content. Anybody over the age of 13 can read stories on the site. The thing that’s unique to this website is its Self-publishing advisor.

Whether you write just for fun or for a living, its digital advisor can advise you on many different levels. It can suggest suitable writing workshops based on your goal, the amount you’re willing to spend, and the format of your book.

If you become a premium member, you can boost your stories so that they are read by a larger number of people. You can check out different publishing houses listed on the site which are more like social communities made by members to share stories on a specific theme. If you want, you can create your own publishing house! Cool, isn’t it?

You can also take part in competitions organized regularly on Booksie. You can win up to 1500 USD as prize money in some of the contests. Don’t you want to flaunt the Booksie Laureate Prize in front of your friends? We’d absolutely love to see you win!

7. Shorti – Short Stories

Shorti - Best Apps like Wattpad and Websites Like Wattpad

Shorti is yet another app like Wattpad. Shorti does not have a website, but it’s available for Android and iOS users. As the name suggests, Shorti is a social platform where writers can share their short stories. The stories cannot have more than 1500 words. You can use videos and images to illustrate scenes in your stories.

Read stories across various genres and share them with your friends on social media for free. You can also follow your favorite writers so that you never miss any of their posts. If you’d like to message them personally for constructive criticisms or praise, you can do that as well. If there’s a story you’d like to read over and over again, bookmark it.

If you think this is the app you had been looking for, you can register on Shorti now. During the registration process, you can choose a pen name, different from your real name, to maintain anonymity while writing. After registering, you’d have to add a description of not more than 200 words for your profile. You can also add a beautiful cover photo.

There were some issues with the app before when we checked it out. But, the bugs have been fixed in the last update.


Wattpad is a great platform for sharing your stories, undoubtedly. But, you might want to check out other platforms like Wattpad to experience some new features that Wattpad does not have. Plus, with your presence on multiple social book-publishing apps and websites, you can have access to a larger audience, thus more views.

These 7 apps that we’ve listed above are quite similar to Wattpad with additional unique features. However, keep in mind, these platforms take copyrights very seriously. You cannot copy your work on one website and paste it on another. Other than that, these platforms are pretty fun and can give a new dimension to your love for reading and writing.

Which of these apps and websites like Wattpad are you going to try first?

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