Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

Showbox is a very popular Android movie app to let you stream latest movies and TV shows for free. Even though it is believed to be the best place to stream pirated (new content) – it is very risky. No matter whether you use it on your phone or Android TV – I would not recommend using it.

The first reason would be – it does not have a proper website or webpage to host an official APK file of the service. So, you have no idea which one is the official site – is the APK maintained by the original developers – or is it a malware? You simply do not have an idea about it. So, it is obviously a potential threat to your device.

Hence, we should look for Showbox alternatives and apps like showbox which you can utilize to stream movie and TV Shows.

Note: We do not promote piracy. But, if you choose to utilize a torrent, we have mentioned some alternatives as well. We have recommended the best (yet safe to use) apps and services like Showbox. 

However, it’s always recommended to use a trusted VPN to remain on the safer side.

7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

We have previously shared free movie apps for Android, if you would like to rather use them, you are always free to do so. However, if you want Android movie apps like Showbox or apps which are very similar to Showbox, then stay tuned as we explore best movie apps like Showbox.

The apps listed below are not primarily Android movie apps, but you can find a version for the same Showbox alternative on iOS as well. That’s why we have included a link to download these Showbox similar apps on iPhone or iPad as well.

1. Sony Crackle (Android / iOS)

sony crackle - Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

Sony Crackle is one of the best free alternative to Showbox if you want to stream Sony Picture’s content. And, yes, all for free. Of course,  you should not expect the latest releases from Sony to be available on this app.

But, who cares? You have got the popular Ocean’s Eleven, Hitch, Grown ups, and Step Brothers already and you can stream it for free, without even needing to use a VPN.

So, yes, that is a very exciting thing. Along with the movies, you also get a lot of TV Shows and Sony Crackle exclusive line ups – which are quite good as well.

In addition to all the content, it does include advertisement – because it already offers you free legit content.

2. Popcorn Time (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, & AndroidTV)

popcorn time windows - Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

It is surely one of the most popular apps like Showbox because it lets you stream the latest releases for free – with the source being – Torrents. So, you need to be careful when using this app. You have to utilize a VPN in order to be safe when using it.

Of course, we would not recommend you to use it – but if you want to stream the latest content for free and you have no problem with Torrents encouraging piracy – you should be good to go.

Keeping the pirate-morale aside, Popcorn Time is a wonderful app that is also available for your Android TV, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Android smartphones.

3. Streamio (Android / iOS)

streamio - showbox alternatives apps - Apps similar to Showbox

Streamio is an impressive app like Showbox which aggregates all the content from Netflix, HBO, iTunes, YouTube,  Twitch, and more in a single platform.

However, similar to Popcorn Times, it utilizes Torrents as well. So, proceed with caution along with a VPN connection (that is what I will recommend you).

But, regarding the content, it is so well-organized and easy to search for your favorite TV shows or movies after signing up for an account.

And, unlike popcorn times, you do not have to install the application by downloding the APK or sideloading on your iPhone with some fancy trick. Fortunately, Streamio is available at the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Atleast, you know that the application is safe to use – even though the content might involve legal troubles.

4. FreeFelix HQ (Android & Mac)

freefelixhq - Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

Yet another impressive app like Showbox available for Android, and Mac as well. As I recommended above, you should first ensure that you have a VPN connection and then get started using FreeFelixHQ.

The most interesting thing I notice here that it also supports Chromecast feature. So, if you have it, you can directly stream awesome content to your 1080p TV.

Also, the fun does not end there. You also find animes listed when you start using FreefelixHQ. So, that is definitely a bonus! Uh-oh, it offers more goodies.

You can watch the trailers, IMDb ratings, and also WWE. I don’t think we would need anything more?

5. TubiTV

tubi tv - Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

TubiTV is a wonderful solution for users who prefer to watch the best-curated content – but without utilizing Torrents.

Well, that means you will not find the latest hits listed. But, it offers a lot of great TV shows and movies for free legally!

You do not need a credit card to register – so just sign up for an account and you are good to go.

It supports a ton of devices that includes Android smartphones, iOS devices, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out.

6. Popcornflix (Android / iOS)

popcornflix - Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

If you do not want to utilize Torrents, or the latest hits on your phone, you can always use Popcornflix. It is a very good alternative to showbox where you get the classic movie and TV shows for free.

You can install the Android or iOS app available for your smartphone. However, you can also utilize the desktop browser to stream the content you like.

If you are someone who frequently watches a lot of films and TV Shows, the content might not suffice you. In either case, it does offer a good lot of TV Shows and movies.

You may not find all the best classics, but you get some old curated content that you may not find elsewhere.

7. Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV (Android / iOS)

viewster - Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

The niche specific audience is a common thing nowadays. If I want to watch sitcoms, I’ll keep exploring them – if I love action, I prefer action-only movies or TV series.

So, Viewster offers a specific category of content that revolves around anime, games, geek documentaries, and a couple of sci-fi content.

The best thing here is you do not need to sign up and create an account, you can just get right into it after installing the app.

Wrapping Up

You will find a lot more services and apps like Showbox listed across the Internet – but we suggest you not to get tricked and end up installing malware onto your device.

Of course, you should always try the ones offering legit content for free. However, if you are not a fan of older content – you do have nice showbox alternatives that includes Popcorntimes, FreeFelixHQ, and Streamio.

In either case, if you are niche-specific and prefer anime, Viewster is one of the free apps like Showbox to have installed.

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