Top 7 Best Age Progression Apps for Free on Android

As time passes, you may be curious as to know what you’re going to look like as you get older. Thanks to the digital times you live in, you can just use an age progression app to find out. There are many good age progression photo apps out there, and what’s even better is that the virtual age progression apps are free so that you won’t lose any money in the process. So, you can use any age progress photo app to figure out how you would look like when you get certain years older.

If you are wondering what the best age progression apps for Android are, you’ll find out the best age progression apps in this article. These age progression apps for Android may not show you an image you like, but who said aging is a good thing? After all, these are just virtual age progression app, and you don’t need to take them seriously. Just take things with humor and have fun with these age progression apps with your friends. You’ll finally be able to see who is going to age better in time.

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Top 7 Best Age Progression Apps for Free on Android

Once cool thing you can do with the virtual age progression apps is: you can use them as child age progression app. Doing so, you’ll be able to know how your baby would look like when it would say, five years older, or so. You may later share the pictures generated from age progression photo apps with your friends and have fun with your photo just like face swapping apps.

These age progression apps are free. So without further ado, let find out the best free age progression apps we have for you.

1. Aging Booth

Aging Booth is a very straightforward age progression app for Android. The app allows you to add the aging effect to a picture that’s already in your device’s gallery or you can use a newly taken image. When you first open the Aging Booth app, it will give you tips on what kind of pictures are not accepted. That way, you can get a more precise image as to your old self.

You can use a picture with more than one person and then adjust the face detection marks on the face you want to age. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection, so you still have fun at any time, even if your Internet is not working.

Aging Booth - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

To see a before and after picture, the app will prompt you to shake your Android device. It only takes one shake to look at the results. Just make sure to hold your phone tight and not accidentally throw it out the window.

The photos you age are automatically added to the app’s age progression library so you can view them again at any time. The app also has a sharing option you can share or send the old picture to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or through Email.

2. Oldify – Old Aging Booth App

Oldify is an age progression app that takes things one step further allowing to turn your old photo into a video. In the Video tab, you’ll have various effects you can add to your image.

For example, you can add effects such as clear throat, Yawn, Burp, Cough, Fart, Sigh, and Sneeze. If you don’t add an effect right away, the effect will just keep playing over and over.

In the Mix tab, you can add other effects like making the person fat, making them bald, adding a beard, or a mustache. But, to add these last effects, you’ll need to install an additional app. But, it’s worth a try since everyone gains a little weight as they get older, right?

Oldify - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

The effect tab allows you to decide how much you want to age the person. You can age them by 20, 40, 60, and even 99 years. This last option will require you to buy the app, although other options for age progression are free. There is an option that allows you to add 200 years but that’s pushing it too far.

You can also add paid features such as sweat and an aging beard. You can either use an image from your device’s gallery, or you can use the camera. And doing so, you’ll be easily able to create your aging picture using this age progression photo app.

3. Age Face – Make Me Old

Another favorite age progression app is Age Face – Make Me Old. Just like the previous two age progression apps, you can upload an image from your device’s gallery, or you can take a new one with the camera.

You can also add a picture with various faces and just zoom in on the one you want to age. You’ll need to place the face inside a face frame of the app and crop it. Once you’re done, tap on the red arrow to the right. And boom! The app will create an age progression photo of you.

Age Face Changer App - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

If you’ve chosen to create an age progression video, it’s only going to offer four options. The videos aren’t all that great, but they are apparently fun to look at. There’s also an option to make you globally old. What that means is that the age progression photo app can make you American old, Ukranian old, Thai old, African old, Mexican old, Indonesian old, Indian old, Chinese, and Russian old.

However, fun face mask option allows you to add funny face mask to your pictures. Age Face – Make Me Old is an exciting age progression app for Android. Unlike other age progression photo app that offers only a few options, it provides as many as four options for creating a free virtual age progression pictures. You can even use it as a child age progression app to create age progression photo of your newly born baby.

4. Make Me Old

Make Me Old is yet another free age progression app that gives you options the previous apps don’t. For example, not only can you upload images from your device’s gallery and camera, but you can also add pictures imported from Facebook as well.

If you don’t feel comfortable uploading an image before knowing if you’re going to keep the app or not, you can always use the sample pictures. There are pictures of a man and a woman you can try this age progression photo app with.

Make Me Old Virtually - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

Once you have an image, the app will automatically age it. It doesn’t give you the options of how much you want to age it. You can, though, add effects such as a mustache, thick eyebrows, and glasses.

There’s also a random button that will add casual accessories to your pictures such as funny glasses, beards, and mustaches. If you like what you see within this virtual age progression app, you can tap on the save and share button. It allows you to share your funny image using the social apps you have on your Android device.

5. Agify: Age Your Face

If you’re not very tech-savvy, then you should try Agify – Age Your Face app. It’s the most straightforward age progression app you’ll find on Google Play. The app also gives you tips for uploading a good image and gives you the options for adding them from your gallery or to take a new one.

Agify - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

It doesn’t have the options to let you decide how much you want to age the image. Once you’ve seen what you’re going to look like as a senior citizen, you have the option to either share it, save it, or take a new picture. If you liked the age progression picture it created, you can save and share it. If not, you can always take a new picture or upload a new one to see how you would look like using this virtual age progression app. Though the age progression photo app is very basic but does the work as expected.

6. Make Me Old App – Face Aging Photo Booth

The Make Me Old app works a little differently than the other virtual age progression apps on the list. Instead of the app aging the picture, you choose from an extensive amount of old faces to apply to your photo.

When you first open the Make Me Old app, you’ll need to choose the picture you want to age. The face aging photo booth app will automatically suggest an old face to apply. You’ll need to adjust the old face to fit your image. If you’re not happy with the recommended old face, tap on the star button and browse all the options the virtual age progression app has to offer.

Face Aging Photo Booth App - Best Age Progression Photo App - Free Virtual Age Face Changer App

You can tap on the pencil icon to edit your age progression photo for further enhancements. If didn’t like what you see, you can completely delete the created age progression picture by tapping on the Trash icon. However, if you liked what the app created, you can tap on the last icon to save the picture on your device.

You can choose from old faces from women, men face with hand gestures and smiling old faces. The age progression app also gives you the option of adding text to your image and to share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

7. Make Me Old Face Changer

Make Me Old Face Changer is similar but not identical to the previous age progression app. Instead of automatically aging your picture, it allows you to add senior citizen effects to certain parts of the face. For example, let’s say that you only want to age the eyes of the image. You can do so using this virtual age progression app for free.

Browse through the options and carefully adjust the effect to the face. You can add beards, accessories, half an aged face or a full aged face. The age progression app doesn’t have a large variety to choose from but the ones it does have are pretty good.

Make Me Old Face Changer App - Best Age Progression Apps for Free - Free Virtual Age Progression App

Once you’re done with your image, you’ll see the finished copy, and then you can share it to your favorite social network thanks to the share button at the top right. In case, you didn’t like the image; you can always go back and retry. Perhaps tweaking your picture with the beard, accessories, half an aged face, etc. it offers, would certainly result in a better output. Overall, this virtual age progression app does the job as expected but it lacks some important features which you’ll find in other age progression apps I have listed above.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Even though no one likes the idea of having to grow old, it’s still fun to at least get an idea of what you’ll look like. If looking at your old self is scaring you too much, you can always just look in the mirror to admire your young self again. However, as I mentioned above, one cool thing you can do with these virtual age progression apps is to check and admire how your baby would look like. Using these free age progression apps as a child age progression app doesn’t cost anything. You can sit back and have fun while admiring the virtual age progression photo-generated using these apps.

The apps are a lot of fun and are worth a try. They are all free and offer features that will keep you busy for hours on end. You can also prank your friends and scare them showing what they are going to look like when they get old.

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