3 Steps Pinterest Marketing Strategy that Generates Traffic and Sales

If you want to drive lots of visitors to your site and boost your website’s traffic then no doubt, social media platforms can’t be overlooked. Social media platforms have become very powerful sources to gain more customers for any product or services.

Running a successful social media campaign helps in boosting brand reputation but knowing the perfect social media marketing strategy is the key to success on any social platform. Of the all modern social platforms, Pinterest is most underestimated but has got the potential to make you internet superstar quickly.

Pinterest has over 70 million (active) users, and the number is ever increasing, which means if any of your pins got popular, not only you’ll become popular online but also you’ll be able to generate more traffic and sales easily. But unfortunately, it not so easy as it sounds. If you want to be a Pinterest warrior, you need to know and implement the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy.

But most of us, avoid Pinterest from our most targeted social platforms to drive traffic and sales. If you have also been avoiding Pinterest over the years, then it is time to get started with Pinterest marketing and become the Pinterest Warrior with this advanced Pinterest marketing guide.

3 Step Pinterest Marketing Strategy that Generates Traffic and Sales

Pinterest has over 70 millions users, with 80% active users being women and 20% being men. So it is obvious that majority of Pinterest users are women, which is a good sign if your target audiences are women.

Well, to get started with Pinterest marketing all you have to do is: follow these three steps.

1. Create and Setup Your Business Account

First of all, register your brand name on Pinterest and create your business account. Having an individual account is good for your personal branding, but when you are looking to spread your brand awareness, it is the business account that helps much effectively in reaching your target audiences.

Once you have created it, now add the useful info in your profile like your brand description, website URL link, etc. Don’t forget to verify your linked URL here as it also provides you a dofollow high pr9 backlink to your website.

If you are a local business, include your location as well as your brand logo as the profile picture.

2. Create Attractive Boards

Next step is to create attractive boards. Boards are like categories. Define and distinguish your industry and create boards accordingly. Creating irrelevant boards will not help you anyway. Use powerful keywords in your board title.

Provide meta description of boards accordingly which is helpful in letting users know that what the board is all about. Again being attractive with a catchy description here is the key.

3. Start Pinning

Now, you are almost done! All that remaining is to start pinning. But what you’ll pin?

Well, Pinterest is all about visuals. The high-quality images, funny images, infographics, and other such visuals work best at Pinterest. Viral images get lots of re-pins which in turn generates more traffic and sales.

But make sure you don’t forget to add an attractive description and meta keywords again here. This boosts the organic reach of your pins. That’s it!

Update: We have removed this infographic due to security reasons.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

The stats in the infographic show that the life span of content shared on Pinterest is much longer as compared to Facebook and Twitter. So obviously, with the feature of automatically including a link back to your website with just a shared visual is certainly going to keep your post visible before many eyeballs for a longer duration of time.

So this 3 Step Pinterest Marketing Strategy really helps in driving more traffic and sales. What do you think? Share your views in the comment box below.

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